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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Licensed Skydiver Review

Skydive Orange loves getting reviews from licensed skydivers as well as students!

Hello! My name is Maggie; I just wanted to shoot you guys a thank-you for your hospitality this weekend. My boyfriend & I weren’t able to participate in the boogie, but we did come up Sunday for one fun jump.

Everyone was very friendly, helpful, and welcoming. The drop zone orientation we got from Monica was very thorough & professional. Thanks so much for running such a great drop zone! We will definitely be back for more fun!

Blue Skies,
Maggie Maurer & Tripp Sellers
Chapel Hill, NC
Home DZ: Raeford Parachute Center

Thanks for the kind words Maggie and Tripp, we hope to see you back soon!

thoughtful words

Skydive Orange is a club-run drop zone operating out of the Orange County Airport in Orange, VA. We are a USPA group member drop zone. We have been in continuous operation since 1977, making Skydive Orange one of the oldest club-operated drop zones in the country.  We sponsor load organizers nearly every weekend.

For more information about our local organizers, check out our weekend organizing page.  In addition to our local organizers, we also bring in talent from around the world.  During 2013, the club paid to have Matt Hill (freefly), Nathan Smith(angle flying) and Pete Allum (RW-organizing).

If you haven’t been to Skydive Orange, our events are legendary!  Sisters in Skydiving events, our Cinco de Mayo Boogie,  scrambles, canopy courses, night jumps and much more.  Of course there is always our annual Orange Boogie in August!


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  1. What challenges who I face being a first time skydiver? I read several posting and working my way up to actually attempting my first jump. Any suggestion you may have towards preparing ones mind??



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Jack Harding Skydive Orange AFF Student

Jack Harding – Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA

I can't imagine learning how to skydive at any other drop zone.

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