Students Helping Honduras

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Students Helping Honduras

Skydive Orange helped local UVA students raise $350 for Students Helping Honduras. The event was held at Trinity Irish Pub, located directly across from the historic grounds of The University of Virginia.

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Students Helping Honuras is a NGO operating out of the United States and Honduras. Honduras has the worst gang epidemic on the planet. Each year, thousands of children join gangs like MS-13 and Mara 18. Honduras is also the 2nd poorest nation in the western hemisphere, where 66.2% of its people live in poverty. With access to a quality education and jobs the Honduran people can fight back.

We are so happy to help contribute to this excellent organization and would loves to help others, as well. Please contact us if you are hosting an event and would want some skydivers to help get people hyped and spread the word!

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