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How Much Does It Cost To Go Skydiving in Virginia?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering the same thing so many other people wonder: Why does the cost of a tandem skydive vary so widely, even within a single US state? How can those prices vary so widely when a skydive is pretty much the same no matter where you go?

Let us stop you there. Tandem skydiving prices vary so widely because tandem skydiving quality varies incredibly widely. Even though the basic elements are the same, a skydive is materially very different depending on where (and how) you go. It’s kinda like buying a car: even though four wheels and an engine are the functional heart of the matter, a 1972 Pinto and a 2018 Escalade are very different beasts indeed.

Here’s a little background information — and some good news, o happy day! — to help you make an informed decision when it comes to the price of skydiving.

1. Tandem Skydiving Prices in Virginia Are Pretty Representative of the Cost of Tandem Skydiving Anywhere You Happen To Go

No matter where in the world you are, it’s expensive to run a good, safety-first drop zone anywhere. The biggest expenses a dropzone assumes are the thorough maintenance of the plane, the purchase and care of top-notch equipment and the staffing of skilled, licensed professionals in the plane and behind the counter. The cost to skydive at any given dropzone reflects the investment of care and thoroughness with which these necessities are being addressed.

How Much Does It Cost To Go Skydiving in Virginia? | Skydive Orange

2. The Quality of Equipment and Facilities Varies from Dropzone to Dropzone

Once again, this isn’t just a challenge we face as a dropzone in Virginia. Every dropzone in the world has a responsibility to maintain their parachuting gear. The cost of skydiving goes up a little when that gear is of tip-top quality and maintained in excellent condition, and when the facilities on the ground are really fab.

Here again, it’s obviously a good idea not to base your choice of dropzone exclusively on price. As you can no doubt imagine, the quality of the skydiving equipment comes into play when it’s saving your (and your instructor’s) life. It goes significantly beyond that, however, making a big difference in the comfort of your ride to altitude and the softness of your landing.

Finally, a dropzone with top-shelf facilities — like those at Skydive Orange, where we’ve spared no expense to make the chilling-on-the-ground experience downright epic — is a significantly better place to spend the day than the standard setup: a picnic table next to a port-o-let that was cleaned sometime last week.

Skydive Orange Hangar

3. Staff Varies from Dropzone to Dropzone

Without beleaguering the point too much: When you make a tandem skydive, you want the cost of that skydive to include a professional, passionate, thoughtful, charming tandem instructor with rock-solid skills that have been proven over the course of thousands of jumps. N’est-ce pas? You don’t want to end up with the skydiving version of that annoying robot on Star Tours. On a cut-rate skydive, that’s what you can realistically expect.


So here’s the upshot: It costs money to run a safe dropzone, staffed by experienced, licensed professionals who have your best interests at heart. It costs money to keep an airplane in safe, comfortable working condition, and it costs money to buy and maintain the safest possible parachuting gear to convey you safely from the open door of an airplane down to your awaiting fans on the ground.

first time skydiving students before jump

Minor differences in the price of skydiving can make a big impact on the service level you receive on that jump. Here’s our best advice: Don’t let the cost of a franchise-restaurant lunch come between you and the best tandem skydiving experience you can have.

Whaddaya say? Can we show you how priceless a really great skydive really is? We’re ready for you.

Tandem Skydive over Skydive Orange

Christine Minaj

Had the best experience here ever for my first skydiving adventure!

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