The facilities at Skydive Orange are impressive!  Our skydiving operations are based out of Orange County Airport (FAA identifier OMH) in beautiful Orange, VA. The Orange County Airport is a public use, general aviation airport operated under the supervision of the County Administrator.  

If you are a visitor or spectator, inside the hangar you will find some picnic tables.  These are a great shady place to wait on a hot day.  Outside are bleachers so that you can sit down and watch your friends/family land.  


Inside Our Hangar

  • Padded floor from door to door for comfortable packing
  • Experienced Manifest
  • Student Manifest (Tandem & AFF check-in)
  • Air conditioned classroom
  • Gear store (T-shirts, Helmets, Altimeters and more!)
  • Large flat screen TVs (watch your video after you jump!)

For Experienced Jumpers

  • Full size mockup
  • Large concrete pad & creepers (great for 4-way dirt dives!)
  • New and used gear for sale (Everything you need!)
  • Rental rigs (subject to availability)
  • Indoor and outdoor showers (refreshing on a hot summer day!)
  • Camping area to stay the weekend

Our Aircraft

For most of the year, we have a twin otter, one of the fastest flying skydiving planes in the business.  It seats up to 22 thus allowing you to jump on the same load with many of your friends. It has two benches to make it a comfortable ride up to 13,500 feet and a wide door which allows a great view of the sky.

During special events, we normally bring in additional aircraft.  Over the last few years, we've brought in a CASA,  a Caribou, and a helicopter.  Check out our Events for information about upcoming activities.



Our Bathrooms


When it comes to bathrooms, not all drop zones are created equally! Some have port-a-potties! Who wants to use one of those?  

At most drop zones, men and women share single stall bathrooms.  You don't want to have to wait in line to use the restroom when you're on a 20 minute call. 

At Skydive Orange, we have separate multi-stall bathrooms for men and women.  And the best part...these bathrooms are cleaned daily!!!!  Yay for clean bathrooms!  


Barry. M - Stafford, VA

Barry. M - Stafford, VA


1st time and Hooked!  
Skydive Orange was absolutely fantastic and put me at ease the moment I arrived.  Everyone I met there was very friendly and you could tell they loved their jobs from the receptionist, to the instructors, and the photographers as well.  I was lucky enough to get John Carlson as my Instructor and Ryan as my photographer.
John knows his stuff and had no problem answering all my newbie questions, and I am sure he has probably answered them a thousand times, but I could tell he loved his job and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with me.  He was very professional and his humor kept me at ease while waiting on the ground and on the flight up.  Everything went exactly as planned and very smooth.
Ryan was equally great as my photographer and he had everything perfectly timed...the video and pictures were outstanding and he caught every amazing moment of my jump...I'm going to blow up several pictures and put them in my office to look cool in front of my clients, haha.  The video looks very professional and all my friends were just amazed at the HD quality...it's well worth the price!
I was so impressed with this place and the experience that I bought two more tickets that day and will be coming back in a week with a friend...and I am so addicted that I plan on going for my AFF License to learn to solo jump-if I trust anyone to train me correctly it would be this place.  
The thrill and rush when you leave the plane, roll over, and then see the incredible view below is just too hard to put into words but it will be something that you never forget and when you touch down you will be yearning to go right back up...yes it's that good :) Thank you John and Ryan for giving me one of the best days of my life and thank you Skydive Orange for hiring such great staff and running a top notch operation...you will be getting a lot more of my time and money, see you soon!
Barry M. Stafford, VA. 8/30/2014