Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates!

Call (703) SKY-DIVE (759-3483) or BUY GIFT for delivery now!

Our most popular gift certificate by far is for Tandem Skydive with Photos & Video ($380 cash* or $395 credit). Order any of our packages online here, or call (540) 943-6587 with a card number and we will either email or send a hard copy via USPS mail that same day. Gift certificates are valid for up to two years, are transferable and inflation proof, but non-refundable.

To get the CASH DISCOUNTED price and save $15 per jump, mail a check for the cash discounted price ($380 for a tandem skydive with Video and Photos, or $255 for just the jump to 1ASC Inc. to the (OFFICE ONLY) address below. Include a note with your phone number or email us with who it is for, who it is from so we get your order correct, and if we are to mail it, include your US mail address, and whether you want it in a plain envelope that doesn't say "Skydive Orange".

Make the check out to "1ASC Inc." and mail to this office:
Skydive Orange Inc
138 Hickory Hill Drive
Fishersville, VA 22939

We can issue a gift certificate for any package including the ULTIMATE Skydiving Gift - a prepaid AFF Student Program! We also offer the most EXTREME skydiving experience yet - HALO Tandems. If you want the memory to last a life time, professional video and still photographs provide an excellent way to relive the experience! Just keep in mind, you have to be 18 to skydive, and extra charges apply for those who weigh more than 220 pounds, with a maximum 280 pound limit (225 pounds max for AFF).

For additional pricing information, visit our Tandem Skydive Prices, HALO Tandem Skydives, and AFF Program Prices pages.


Brett Lim

Brett Lim


To Everyone at Skydive Orange,

Thank you guys very much for a wonderful experience. We jumped on Independence day and it was without a doubt awesome! Both Kevins were outstanding instructors and it was a blast to join them on our first jump. I have attached a few pictures that they took with us, and thought may be they can be shared with them. Thank you guys very much again, I cannot wait til I get to jump again!

With much gratitude, Brett Lim July, 2010