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Teresa Caro - Alexandria, VA

Teresa Caro - Alexandria, VA


Three of my friends and I went to Skydive Orange this past weekend to tandem for the first time, and we all had a BLAST!! We definitely owe our amazing experience to the staff. They were all SO professional, friendly, and FUN. So, THANK YOU to all of them for making it such an incredible experience!! I'd especially like to thank my instructor, Mike, and my videographer, Larry, for helping make my 23rd the best birthday yet! I am so glad I have the video & photos to help me remember it forever. They turned out wonderfully. :)

I would HIGHLY recommend Orange to any other first-timers out there. If you want to partake in the most thrilling experience of your life while feeling completely safe and comfortable at the same time, go to Skydive Orange!

Thanks again, everyone!!! I'll be back :)