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Natasha Boddie - Northern Virginia

Natasha Boddie - Northern Virginia


Dear Skydive Orange Family, 

This letter is dedicated to the AWESOME staff at Skydive Orange. Your professionalism with a side of hospitality was greatly appreciated. I visited Skydive Orange as part of my 30th birthday celebration... words can't begin to describe the feelings I had then and those memories that remain vivid in my mind. 

Lambert - Thanks! Oh Wow! My pictures are posted everywhere from home to work to my FaceBook. The video is replayed frequently to say the least. You caught all the best moments, despite the fact you couldn't see my face... that will teach me to go skydiving in -2 degree weather. You are awesome! 

Denzil - What a remarkable instructor! My comfort level exceeded my own expectations. I anticipated a hectic nervous wreck. Instead I felt secure and safe. Thank you for taking good care of me. We made a great team. We will have to do it again sometime! This is your official warning, I will be back... 

Again, thank you Skydive Orange for making my 30th birthday a hit! I will be back... with some friends. 


Natasha Boddie