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Jennifer P. - Burke, VA

Jennifer P. - Burke, VA


Skydive Orange is great! I went with my two girlfriends who had both never jumped before. And they absolutely loved it :) It was the perfect way to celebrate my girlfriends 25th bday!  The staff is so professional and friendly. I jumped with Chuck. who was awesome and so professional!  Although I had jumped prior to this I was still So nervous. I regret that, because jumping is one of the most surreal exciting experiences. Larry did my video and it turned out wonderful!  I highly recommend skydive orange. the place had this overall positive energy that was contagious. They made our day complete. Not to mention we waited all day to jump because of a wind advisory AND thank God we did, because we got to jump at sun set. which was beautiful.  All around great trip! We will definitely be  going back :) Jennifer P. Burke, VA. 5/5/2014