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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bobby Page with 3rd Dimension Productions Skydiving Exhibition Team does demos all over Mid-Atlantic Region. Bobby recruits most of his fellow demo jumpers from Skydive Orange, where Bobby is also an aerial photographer.

Check back for more demos and take a peek at their demo schedule at the bottom of the page!

3rd Dimension Productions started the 2015 season off with a superb demo on April 12 into the new Liberty University Baseball Stadium!  It was a beautiful April afternoon and a fantastic crowd was on hand to watch Kevin and Bobby bring the heat for the Flames..!  It is always a blast jumping for the Liberty University fans!  Thanks to Shenandoah Skies for flying the demo for the team!  And thanks to Mike Troxel for doing a great job on ground crew!  Be sure to stay tuned to this blog to find out where the 3rd Dimension Productions skydiving exhibition team will be jumping next!

skydiving liberty

May 2, 2015: 3rd Dimension Productions got to put on a show for the masses at Manassas! The Manassas Airshow did not disappoint this year and Steve, Kevin, and Bobby got to take part by hurling themselves out of a R-44 Helicopter! Great weather and great folks come out to see this event! And this show is always a kid pleaser! They love the skydiving team! Image of Bobby landing by Matt Madison.
May 3, 2015: 3rd Dimension Productions closed out its double header weekend by bringing the excitement to FUMA once again … and reviving their signature high five! Always a great crowd there and very appreciative of the team dropping in!  Thanks to Shenandoah Skies for flying us and to Mike Sidwell for doing a great job at ground crew!
May 23, 2015: 3rd Dimension Productions continued their season by performing for the Thunder for the Cause event to raise money and awareness for the Frazier-Mason Some Gave All Organization. Kevin came in first with the POW flag, followed closely by Steve and then Jon Forman. Bobby came in last with the American Flag. Everyone there had a great time as they geared up for Rolling Thunder up in DC! Thanks to Shenandoah Skies for flying us and to Kevin Gibson for doing a stellar job at ground crew!
What an amazing evening we had for a skydive into the Madison County Fair… It was a perfect (but hot) night in Central VA!  The crowd was electric as Kevin Reynolds came in hot!  He was followed closely by Bobby Page bringing in the American Flag and landing right next to the stands!  As the incredible singer of the National Anthem was hitting her last note, Shane Denna kicked up a rooster tail of Virginia clay!  3DP did not disappoint and neither did all the folks at the Fair that evening.  Thanks for having us.  And thanks to Randy for doing ground crew and to Shenandoah Skies for flying the team.
9/4/2015: The James Monroe High School
Bobby Page video
Kevin Reynolds video
3rd Dimension Productions put on another stellar show for the Jackets of James Monroe at Maury Stadium in Fredericksburg, VA! Kevin Reynolds came in first, hyping up the crowd! Followed closely by Shane Denna meeting Kevin with some high fives! And BobbyP brought the heat delivering the game ball! Many thanks to Tim Bates for doing a spectacular job on ground crew, and thanks as always to Scott French of Shenandoah Skies for flying the team! A superb pilot!
9/18/2015: William Monroe High School
Kevin Reynolds video
3rdDimension Productions blows it up again at Dragonfest for the third year in a row!  Always great to fire up the home crowd!  Kevin landed first and set up for the signature 3DP high five that crowds have grown to know and love!  Thanks to Smitty for doing ground crew and to Shenandoah Skies for flying!

9/19/2015: Liberty University
Bobby Page video
What a beautiful night to put on a scorching skydiving show for the Liberty University Flames! 3rd Dimension Productions brought the speed and the fans in their sea of red, once again, did not disappoint! Shane landed first to get the crowd going.  Pete came in second lighting fires with speed!  And BobbyP came in last with the game ball!  What an incredible amount of energy the Liberty fans provide! I hope we return the favor! Go Flames! BIG win over Montana!
10/9/15: Warren County High School
3rd Dimension Productions gettin’ wet but gettin’ the job done for the Wildcats of Warren County! Thanks to Autumn for doing great at her first time on ground crew and thanks to Shenandoah Skies for flying the team!
Bobby Page video
Kevin Reynolds video
10/10/15: Girl Scouts of VA Skyline Council
3rd Dimension Productions getting it done for the Girl Scouts of VA Skyline Council for their Aviation Day at Lynchburg Airport! Not ideal weather, but tons of girls and their families came out to witness Kevin Reynolds and Bobby Page put on a show! Thanks to Kelly and James for doing ground crew and to Shenandoah Skies for expertly flying the team once again!
Bobby Page video
Kevin Reynolds video
Girl Scounts
10/10/15: Goochland County Republican Rally
Nothing like jumping into a world class BBQ with world class people at Orapax Hunting Preserve in Goochland, Virginia. Bobby Page and I enjoyed the hospitality and statesmanship exemplified by the folks in Goochland today!
Kevin Reynolds video
10/16/15: Louisa County High School
Another fantastic night for a demo and what a crowd to do it for! 3DP bringing four jumpers into “The Jungle” again this year! Kevin Reynolds bringing in the game ball and getting the crowd amped! Mario coming in second bringing the crowd to their feet! BobbyP landing 3rd getting the high five from Kevin! Followed up with a high five from Grayson coming in fourth! Thanks to Gigi, Monica, Ashley, and Raven for doing ground crew and to Shenandoah Skies for flying the team! We LOVE the Jungle at night!
Bobby Page video
10/23/15: Fork Union Military Academy
Bobby Page and I had a great time as 3rd Dimension Productions and Skydive Orange made the second jump of the year at Fork Union Military Academy. It was great to get back to FUMA and its always a blast to jump back into Kevin’s old school.
Kevin Reynolds video
10/23/15: Eastern View High School
3rd Dimension Productions delivered the game ball for the Cyclones of Eastern View High School! Great crowd on hand and the video SOUNDED like a cyclone! Kevin Reynolds came in first getting the crowd going, followed closely by Shane Denna, and BobbyP swooping in 3rd … (Dimension Productions)! haha. Thanks to Tim Bates for doing ground crew and to Shenandoah Skies for flying the team!
Bobby Page video
10/30/15: Orange County High School
3DP finishes out the 2015 season with a great demo into the home town of Skydive Orange, the sponsors of this exhibition! An electric crowd was on hand at Porterfield Park to watch Kevin Reynolds bring in the game ball! Landing second was Mario Ripa! And coming in 3rd was Bobby Page! Big thanks to Larry Liebler and Monica Noncheva for doing ground crew with a special appearance by State Senator from the 17th District–Senator Bryce Reeves! Thanks for coming out and taking part! And as always, thanks to Shenandoah Skies for flying the team!
Bobby Page video
Kevin Reynolds video

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