Not Another Sweater! Here’s a Unique Holiday Gift!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Skydiving Holiday Gift Certificates

They say, “Once you stop believing in Santa Claus that’s when you start getting underwear for Christmas”.

Bring the magic and joy back to your holiday with a gift certificate for a skydive!

holiday gift

Holiday Gift Certificate options include:

AND you can add video, photos or BOTH to any package!

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating or who the gift is for, we can be sure any of your loved ones will swoon over a holiday gift certificate from Skydive Orange!


Here’s how it works: you (and your group) arrive at our hangar. After completing the necessary paperwork and watching a short video, novice jumpers are paired with a trained, USPA-certified skydiving professional for a  jump. You will receive all necessary training the day of your jump. Your  instructor will make sure all your questions are answered and gear up with you. Together, you board a roomy and comfortable airplane. On the 15-20 minute ride to 13,500 feet (higher than any other Virginia drop zone), your instructor will connect your harnesses together.

If you are having your jump recorded, the videographer will exit hanging on to the plane to record your exit and then follow you down on your descent. You and your instructor exit the plane secured together. You freefall for about a minute before you or your instructor deploys the parachute. This is the time to look around and enjoy the beauty of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, the panoramic scenery and the sheer joy of flight. You can help fly the parachute or leave the flying to your guide. It’s up to you!

You MUST be at least 18 years of age to jump—no exceptions.

Skydive Orange is open for jump operation through the entire year! You can book online or give us a call: 703SKYDIVE (703-759-3483)

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Kurt Rosell Skydive Orange AFF Student

Kurt Rosell – Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA

Skydive Orange was a fantastic place to get comfortable and learn all the skills necessary to skydive.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Tandem Skydiving Student Skydive Orange

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