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5 Skydiving Tips for First Time Jumpers

Monday, July 31, 2017

Skydiving tips, you ask? Step right up, ladies and gentlemen: Have we ever got some hot, fresh skydiving tips for you! If you’re about to walk into a first time skydiving experience, there’s no question that these tandem skydiving tips are going to serve you well.

Tips For Before You Arrive At The Dropzone

Make no mistake about it: A great skydive requires diligent preparation. Ideally, you’ll prepare both mentally and physically for the rigors of first-time freefall.

Physical preparation is a pretty straightforward exercise. Eat normally, moderately and nutritiously. Arrive hydrated (but don’t drink alcohol, or you won’t be allowed on the plane). Make sure you’re familiar with what to wear for skydiving and bring extra layers just in case. Pack soft drinks, reading material (and/or games) and a few healthy snacks, just in case there’s a wait.

Mental preparation is a little more interesting. When you make that first time tandem skydive, it’s going to be intense. (That’s what makes it awesome!) We’ve put together a whole primer on how to get over your fear of skydiving, and we wholeheartedly invite you to use those tools for your benefit.

Tips For When You First Arrive At The Skydiving Center

For the optimal experience on the dropzone, you will want to be fully present in every way you can. Dropzone life is like an active form of meditation, and you’ll be a part of that when you join us.

To play your part (and enrich your experience immeasurably), play with the strength of your focus. You can start by paying complete attention to the tandem skydiving training brief; after that, you can shake off any feelings of intimidation by putting your focus outside of yourself–on the sport and tandem skydivers landing in the landing area; on the packers, folding parachutes; on the way the weather affects the process; on the quality of your own heart rate and breathing while you wait. Talk to people. Limber up with stretches and breathing exercises. Practice being 100% present on the dropzone, so you can be 100% present for the experience to come.

jumpers getting ready to board jump plane

Tips For The Plane Ride Up

You’re going to have nerves on the plane as you make your way up to altitude. Everybody does! You can approach your nerves in a couple of effective ways, depending on your personality. If you’re a classic introvert, use the time to meditate and charge your batteries. If you’re an extrovert, chat up the videographer! You’ll feel better, and you’ll love the footage that comes out of it. (Hint: In order to do this, you have to have a videographer to talk to. Get the package!)

tandem skydiving student about to exit plane

Tips For Freefall

Your tandem instructor will guide you through the process from top to bottom, but here’s our best crack at a skydiving tip for exit: You’ll be asked to “arch your body.” Make yourself into a banana! That’s the easiest way to remember it. Try to make sure that your belly button is the closest point on your body to the ground. That’s it! You’ll be amazed at how not-scary skydiving turns out to be. You’ll discover that skydiving feels like flying, not like falling–and, when the canopy opens overhead, you’ll get a taste of the tranquility that keeps so many people, all over the world, coming back for more.

tandem skydiving student in freefall

Tips For The Landing (and Afterward)

Again, your tandem instructor will break all of this down for you in a bite-size, easy-to-follow procedure, so any skydiving tips for landing are pretty much supplementary. The tip you might not get in the briefing is this: look up at the horizon instead of down at your feet. (Also, a chin-up attitude looks better in photos. ? )

tandem skydiving student that just landed

Finally, stick around! Make a day of it and celebrate your accomplishment. A dropzone is a fun, interesting place to hang out. Make the rounds and collect your well-earned high-fives, then maybe join us for a sunset barbecue.


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