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Why Skydiving Is Great for Corporate Groups

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Call us crazy, but we still insist that skydiving has magical powers. It does! There’s an unavoidable chemical reaction that takes place when you peek out over your toes, see the open sky, and leap. It’s profoundly empowering–and it has the off-label benefit of deeply connecting the people that share the experience. If you’re keen to use these powers for your corporate group’s benefit, lean in: We have some things to share with you.

It’s a Pretty Easy Sell, Once You’re Clear on the Safety Stats

Are you less afraid of the jump and more afraid of the looks you’ll get when you suggest skydiving as a team building adventure? Don’t be. Once you have a little education under your belt, you’ll be able to share with confidence just how crazy you’re not.

Like any other extreme activity, there is an inherent risk in participation in tandem skydiving. That said: the statistics carefully collected by the USPA consistently show that day-to-day activities like driving a car are more dangerous. That said, we are proud of our perfect student safety record. We maintain that record by taking every precaution before, during and after your skydive to keep you out of harm’s way, and by upholding the highest standards for inspections, maintenance, and repairs to our aircraft. Our safety culture is really second-to-none, providing precisely the conditions for your company culture to explore itself and flourish.

Why Skydiving Is Great for Corporate Groups | Skydive Orange

A Fresh Perspective is Exactly What You Need

Team-building is often about shifting perspectives on the people with whom you pursue the company’s goals. In order to reframe those relationships, however, it’s often helpful to shift your perspective on yourself. In all the world, there’s nothing like a skydive to take you out of yourself and demonstrate in no uncertain terms how capable you are of miracles and–when you see the familiar faces around you doing the same–the effect is nothing less than transformational.

There’s no escaping it: Skydiving uses fear to achieve those transformational ends. That’s where it gets its superpowers, you see. After all: it’s perfectly natural to feel fear about climbing to jump altitude, and it’s the surmounting of that all-too-natural freakout that delivers skydiving’s rocket-fueled emotional boost upon landing. Here’s the thing, though: For most people, fear of heights isn’t as paralyzing as they anticipated. In fact, it’s confusingly absent. From the plane, after all, the ground looks like a big, beautiful map.

What’s the end result of pushing through the crowd of butterflies gathered in your stomach? An ecstatic feeling of accomplishment that you’ll be able to share with the whole team when you land.

No One Is Left Behind

Absolutely not. If you’re bringing teammates who want a first-row seat to enjoy the action but aren’t quite ready to jump, they’re welcome to come along on an observer flight.

Even if one of the guests is simply not in the mood to board a plane, our friendly, beautiful dropzone is a fun place to spend the day. Non-jumpers are welcome to hang out and cheer on the skydivers from our spectator-friendly grounds (and bring the gang, if they’re keen!). There’s free, fast wi-fi throughout the campus, a capacious 100′ x 60′ hangar to chill out in and a snack bar that has your team’s munchies covered.

We pride ourselves on our fun, welcoming atmosphere, and we’ll be more than happy to help you plan the optimal day to celebrate your team’s many achievements–both in the sky and in the office. Reach out to us! Let’s make this a corporate get-together for the history books.

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Clara Del Grande

I had been wanting to do this for years and I am so glad I did it here. Everyone was so friendly, I had a great time and I can't wait to go back!

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