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Five Reasons to Try AFF

Monday, July 23, 2018

Have you ever thought about becoming a licensed skydiver or skydiving by yourself? Have you been dreaming of flying since you were young? Undoubtedly, skydiving is a thrill and a rush, but it’s also an opportunity to learn.  The Accelerated Freefall Program is one of the best ways to prepare to skydive solo and allows you be in control of your own parachute from jump number one. If you are looking to learn to skydive, AFF is the best way to get your wings! With AFF, students learn essential skills to prepare them to skydive competently and safely by progressing through various levels. Each of these levels help jumpers to develop the skills that will enable them to become independent skydivers.  Does this sound like something that might be up your alley? Keep reading for Five Reasons to Try AFF.

1. Reach New Heights

Flying has captivated humankind for hundreds of years. Thanks to Wilbur and Orville Wright mechanized flight with an airplane became possible. Sometimes though, that just isn’t close enough. Rather than a simulation of flight, what if you could actually fly? Well, skydiving gets you as close to human flight as you can possibly be.  Most do not realize just how much control you have over your body during a skydive. Just by changing your body position, you can fall faster or slower, move forward or backward, and even change your orientation! When you go through AFF you begin to learn just what you need to do with your body to produce different forms of flight in the sky. Honestly, it’s the ultimate high!

5 Reasons To Try AFF | skydive orange

2. Feel Fulfilled

Many people are drawn to AFF because of the sense of accomplishment that follows facing your fears and following your dreams. Jumping from an aircraft is a big deal, and it is definitely a daunting task whether you are afraid of heights or not! But, when you find yourself in freefall following hand signals and subsequently, deploying and landing your own parachute, you’ll swell with pride. As you progress and gain more skill, you will find the confidence you gain beginning to appear in other facets of your life.

3. Lighten Your Load

We all know how draining modern life can be: the hustle, the bustle, the deadlines, the stress! It can be a heavy load to bear. But, we bet you will have a hard time being worried while freefalling 120 mph through a beautiful bright blue sky! Trying AFF is a perfect way to step away from the day to day and lighten your load because to-do lists and mundane concerns have no place among the clouds and will dissipate away as soon as you leave the ground.

4. Learning Never Gets Old

Maybe you just graduated college or perhaps you’ve been out for quite a while. Either way, your brain craves knowledge, so why not give it something awesome to chew on! There is no reason to let your mind atrophy from disuse, especially when you can keep your brain active learning a set of skills that are pretty darn cool. As a student in AFF, you will learn quite a lot: about body flight, how to jump with others, and how to fly your canopy. Though, the learning doesn’t stop there. Skydiving is a sport where you are almost always learning something. Even jumpers with thousands of jumps find themselves picking up new things.  

Staff Spotlight: OJ Ford | Skydive Orange

5. Join a Groovy Community

On nearly every continent, you can find people that share a love of skydiving. We are a global community. When you begin AFF, you gain access to our world and can meet some incredible people along the way. Skydivers bond in a unique way that is unlike friendships established in other hobbies. Skydivers constantly seek new perspectives (literally and metaphorically) and are often a really open-minded group of people. Jumpers do not usually let ethnicity or class dictate friendships, but rather, establish friendships based upon passion for this beautiful sport. Even when the day ends and the skies darken, you’ll find skydivers sticking around to chat and share a drink.

We get that AFF isn’t for everyone, but if you think it’s a right fit for you, give us a call. We would love to get you in the air!

Dave Harris Skydive Orange AFF Student

Dave Harris – South Riding, VA

South Riding, VA

The instructors and coaches were incredibly competent, professional and fun to be around.

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