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Gift For People Hard to Buy For

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tis’ the season of gratitude, joy, goodwill toward all…and a holly jolly heck of a time trying to figure out just what to get the people in your life that are just plain hard to buy for. Well, this year focus on having a very merry time because we’ve got a surefire way to solve the “What in the world do I get them?” dilemma. Read on to learn why a skydive makes the perfect gift for all those question marks on your list.

Perfect Jump-Start

Whether or not they write it down, most of the people on your shopping list are bound to have a bucket list: a list of things they dream of doing. The problem is they spend more time making the list than living the list. This year help them put the excuses aside. With the gift of a skydive, you can give them the jump-start they need to get going.


skydiving exit shot at Skydive Orange

Chronic Case of Perma-smile

Skydiving has some super stirring side effects. The most notorious is “permasmile”. This pretty permanent pleasant condition is namely marked by one symptom—an irrepressible grin that spreads from ear to ear. Trust us, it’s easy to keep the holiday cheer going strong all year long with the gift of a skydive.

Tap into the Secret of Great Gift Giving

The secret to great gift giving is gifting experiences, not things. Research shows the satisfaction that “stuff” brings is short lived. This year minimalism is what’s ‘in’. Join the large portion of our population striving to scale down their “stuff” and start living more. Know anyone looking to make memories? Well, your gift of a skydive is sure to satisfy.

Beat the Blues

Between the lack of sunlight and everyday stress, it’s easy to catch a case of the Bah Humbugs or a bit of the blues. Stress is stored year long and the holidays aren’t easy for everyone. Skydiving is a great gift to help someone on your list shake loose from the grips of the year before. Help a friend cast their worries to the wind. There’s nothing quite like a freefall from two miles above the earth to leave a person festively spirited and feeling renewed.

Tandem Skydiver in Freefall at Skydive Orange


Stop your recipient in their tracks when they unwrap this sweet surprise. A skydive isn’t a gift people expect getting—that’s what makes it so perfect! Not everyone thinks of something so neat. Giving a gift this great will secure your status as #1 gift giver this year.

Ready to cross you-know-who off your list? You’re in luck.

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Ben Vickers

Radford, VA

The first time you skydive is a tremendous event in your life. And I am so lucky to have found Skydive Orange.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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