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What Do You Need to Go Skydiving for the First Time

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Getting ready to take to the skies for your first tandem skydive? Awesome! Tandem skydiving will thrill you in all the ways you can be thrilled, but only if you arrive prepared. We’re here to help! Here’s what you need to go skydiving for that very first time.

A Reasonably Healthy Adult Body That Fits The Weight Requirements

This might seem like the easiest thing ever. Mostly, it is — but please note that there are a few details to follow.

To make a skydive, you’ll need to weigh under 220 pounds and possess close to full range of motion in your extremities. If you have any doubts or questions about your physical or medical ability to skydive, please do give us a call. Many medical limitations can be managed if our instructors know about them, and most medical conditions won’t adversely affect a skydive. (Notable exception: The common cold, believe it or not!)

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A Clear Head

We require our tandem skydivers to be absolutely, one-hundred-percent sober. If you show up with any kind of buzz, with a hangover or on any medication that could affect your judgement or performance, you won’t be making a skydive. We care about your experience (and our tandem instructors) too much to let that happen.

A Skydive-Ready Outfit

Nearly every sport and/or special occasion in the world has a particular dress-code associated with it. Skydiving is no exception. For a skydive, dressing to impress requires suiting up comfortably for the weather on the ground. If you plan to wear your street clothes without a jumpsuit popped over the lot, rock up in clothes you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Footwear, in skydiving, means tennis shoes — or any other other snugly fitting, lace-up athletic footwear without hooks. In cooler weather, bring close-fitting fleece layers.

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Crossed Fingers

Skydiving is most certainly a weather-dependent sport. After all: our playground is the sky, and she has many, many moods, several of which are distinctly unsuited to the sport of skydiving. Not all are, of course. A smattering of puffy clouds, after all, can provide a beautiful backdrop for your tandem skydive. More than a smattering, however, can be a problem, because we’re required by FAA law to follow visual flight rules. If visibility is impeded by a crowd of cloud, your skydive will have to wait until they clear.

In fact, because we’re so dedicated to keeping things safe, any form of icky weather can stop jump operations in their tracks. Unsafe skydiving conditions can be caused by rain, high winds, and fog. There’s no arguing the fact that we want to make that skydive as much as you do, but we refuse to put our instructors — and you! —  at risk.

The Butterflies In Your Stomach

Is skydiving scary? Heck yes! Is it worth it? Double heck-yes! The butterflies you bring with you in your stomach are nothing to deny away. In fact, they’re going to make your first-time tandem skydiving experience even more powerful. Take it from us. We see it every day!

Managed to check off the list? Great! Let’s do this thing. Give us a call or book online today!

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