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The Gift of Adventure at Our Best Price

Friday, November 15, 2019

Black Friday Sales: ah’ the joy of waking up hours before the sun will rise to navigate crowded aisles, mingling in cramped quarters, elbow to elbow with other sleep-deprived consumers, fending for yourself to snag the best deal (before anyone else gets their grubby paws on it), and ending the occasion by waiting in long lines of shuffling feet and exasperated sighs. Sounds downright delightful, doesn’t it? We don’t think so either.

Would you rather be caffeine-crazed trying to procure another item to add to the clutter or purchase, from the comfort of your home, an experience you and your loved ones will never forget?

If the latter sounds much more enticing, here’s what you should know about giving the gift of adventure at our best price.


The Whoa Factor

Have you ever seen someone so shocked, surprised, and excited that they are speechless? Well, when you give the gift of a tandem skydive, you just might get your first glimpse at what real elation looks like. 

Your friends and family will never see it coming—a tandem skydive, no way! The sweet surprise of a tandem skydive isn’t exactly a gift people expect, and this is what makes it perfect. Shake up the expected present monotony with a gift much different than any other.Black Friday Sale at Skydive Orange


Experiences Make Better Gifts

Each year, it seems harder and harder to buy our loved ones the perfect gift. That is, until you realize experiences, not things, make the best gifts. More and more, non-traditional gifts are gaining traction with consumers. This is because research over the last ten years has consistently shown that experiences, not possessions, bring the greatest feelings of satisfaction. 

Imagine being able to give someone a gift that makes them feel fully alive. Imagine providing someone with a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will tell their friends and family about for years to come. This is the allure of the gift of adventure. This is what the gift of a tandem skydive can do.

The Basics

The Black Friday Sale at Skydive Orange is pretty straightforward: you can purchase the gift of adventure for $60 less than the normal price of a tandem skydive. The sale is for a limited time only and will end at the close of the day on Cyber Monday. 

The Black Friday Sale is the best deal on a tandem skydive that you’ll find anywhere, and it’s also the only opportunity to cash in on a tandem skydive at a significantly reduced price. 

There’s no doubt there is definitely worth in the epic savings of our Black Friday sale, but it is seeing the expression of true surprise and joy on someone’s face when you give them the gift of flight that is truly priceless. 

There’s nothing wrong with trying to make dreams come true on a budget. So, keep an eye out for the gift of adventure at our best price, and take advantage of the Black Friday Sale at Skydive Orange.



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Stephanie Ann

The customer service was amazing and the people were outgoing and fun and made it a great time before, during and after the jump!

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