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How Much Does it Cost to Become a Skydiver?

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A few clicks across our website can land you on a page that outlines how much it costs to tandem skydive, but what if you have your sights set a little higher? What if you want to learn to fly solo?


Is learning skydiving an investment? Without a doubt. 

Is it worth every penny? You better bet your bottom dollar it is. 


Getting into skydiving is going to require an investment of both your time and your money. But, how much? Here’s what you can expect to invest in becoming a skydiver.

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Getting Into Skydiving

Before beginning your Accelerated Freefall student progression, we highly recommend making at least one tandem skydive. Tandem skydiving enables you to have a taste of the skydiving experience without the pressure of having to perform or the onus of being solo. A tandem skydive gives you the chance to see if skydiving is the right fit before you make the financial commitment it takes to learn to skydive.

If you’re already sure skydiving is for you, keep reading for more detail on the different costs of getting into skydiving. 

Skydive Certification Cost

We won’t lie: there is a heavy front-end investment in becoming a skydiver. To achieve skydiving certification, you will need to accrue a minimum of 25 skydives. 

For this 25 jump skydiving progression, you have two options: pay as you go or pay upfront. 

If paid jump by jump, the skydiving certification cost for the 25 skydives is $4766*. For some, taking it bit by bit, level by level, best suits their financial situation. 

However, in our humble opinion, it is far more economical to take advantage of our package pricing. If you can pre-pay your 25 jump A license package, you will receive $100 off the package price and ten FREE skydives (including parachute rental). We’ll do the math for you: that’s a $620 value. 

Regardless of the path you choose, we think it’s important to celebrate your success. This is why we also offer a graduation bonus! If you complete your entire A License progression with us at Skydive Orange, you’ll receive six free skydives including gear rental. (For the record, that’s a $370 value!)

*We also offer discounts for payments in cash versus payments in credit. A full price breakdown of our AFF program can be found here

Skydiving Gear Cost

Once you’re a licensed skydiver, you’ll want to begin thinking about getting your very own gear. So, how much does skydiving equipment cost? 

Well, honestly, it’s going to depend on which piece of skydiving equipment you’re interested in. 


Skydiving Gear Brand New Cost
Digital Skydiving Altimeter $300-$400
Helmet $300-$400
Automatic Activation Device ~$1200
Main Parachute  ~$2500
Reserve Parachute $1465-$1750



While you may be tempted to try to get everything shiny and new, the sticker shock can be a knockout. Don’t worry: most skydivers have a piecemeal ensemble of new and used items!

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Solo Skydive Cost

At Skydive Orange, we have a bit of a choose your own adventure situation. We offer three different skydiving options. The solo skydive cost will depend on which option you choose. You can skydive on a “low pass” (an altitude of 5,500’) for $23, a full altitude jump (an altitude of 13,500’) for $28, or a high altitude jump (an altitude of 17,500’) for $38.

Reap the Rewards

There’s no denying that becoming a skydiver requires an investment, but, also, like any good investment, skydiving offers a pretty impressive return. 

The skydiving journey isn’t the same for everyone. However, nearly every skydiver can attest to the improved level of confidence they attain through the pursuit of their skydiving license and long after as they discover new niches of skydiving to explore. Getting your A License is just the first step. The best part about it all is that you don’t have to “go it alone.” Skydivers are a unique breed. Even after that first jump, you’ll be welcomed into the fold and join a special group set on making the most of every moment.

The rewards are worth every bit of the cost of skydiving. Like we say in skydiving, “To those who jump, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible.”

Give us the chance to show you our world, begin your skydiving adventure today!

Dave Harris Skydive Orange AFF Student

Dave Harris – South Riding, VA

South Riding, VA

The instructors and coaches were incredibly competent, professional and fun to be around.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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