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Improve Your Skydiving Experience

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Would you imagine anyone out there sets their sights on skydiving in hopes of having a mediocre experience?  Doubtful! No, it seems more likely that when most individuals commit to making their first skydive, they are looking to have their socks knocked right off. So how can you ensure, you’ll have the best experience possible? We think it’s through following curated skydiving tips, but perhaps, in this case, these may not be the tips for skydiving that you’re expecting.

Some skydiving elements come down to chance: the weather on the day of your jump, your mood, and the instructor that you will ultimately be paired with. However, many of the elements that contribute to a successful, incredible experience come down to preparation. 


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There are a variety of ways to improve your overall skydiving experience. Many of these skydiving tips focus on physical preparation. Such general tips for skydiving will address what to wear, what to eat, and provide a basic itinerary for the day of your jump. Although these are perfectly practical skydiving tips to give, these skydiving tips miss the bigger picture. While it may seem a little counterintuitive, skydiving is about far more than just leaping from a plane. Here are two oft-overlooked skydiving tips to improve your skydiving experience.

Set Your Intention

Practitioners of yoga will often begin a flow by setting an intention for their practice. Simply put, setting an intention means bringing one’s attention to a quality that s/he would like to focus on throughout their time on the mat during the flow and off the mat in daily life. These intentions could be things like focusing on cultivating the breath, having gratitude for the movement the body can produce, or even a focus on manifesting strength in different postures. 

Skydiving isn’t much different. Sure, the adrenaline factor gets kicked up a notch, but the principle is much the same. One of the most underrated skydiving tips to improve your skydiving experience is to set a clear intention for your skydive. 

To figure out what your intention could be, spend a little bit of time in thought. What are your motivations for skydiving? Figuring out why you want to skydive, can help you figure out what aspect of the skydive you’ll want to focus on. Are you in it for the thrill? Do you want to challenge yourself in a new way? Is your goal to gain a little insight into yourself and how you respond to stress? The answers can help lead you to establish an intention for your first skydiving experience. Naturally, as you progress, and if you decide to do another skydive, the intention may shift and change along the way. 

Document The Whole Experience

Another skydiving tip that is often overlooked relates to how you record your skydiving experience. While we do highly recommend that you capture your skydiving experience on film, you can even further improve your skydiving experience by documenting your mindset before and after your skydive.

If you’re the journaling type, sit down and take a few moments before your jump to record how you feel before your skydive. What do you think your skydive will feel like? What do you think will be your favorite part? What will be your least favorite part? 

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Once you land, write out what you felt the moment your feet touched down. What did it feel like to ride up to altitude in the plane? How did freefall feel? What ended up being the best and worst parts of the experience? And overall, how did the actual experience compare? 

Cataloging your expectations before your skydive and presenting them alongside your responses describing the reality of the experience is an interesting way to tell the story of your first skydive, and when paired with video or photo documentation of the jump, makes for a truly proper memoir. 

Jump On It

There’s no time like the present! Get your skydive on the books. Oh! And don’t forget to take a peek at our other first-time skydiving tips. You’ll be perfectly prepared for your first skydive in no time!

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