Advanced Equipment Course

Organized by Rahlmo's Rigging: Skydive Orange Rigging Loft

Next Date: February 4 - 5, 2022 | 8:45 am to 4:00 pm

Date: February 5-6

Time: 8:45 am- 4:00 pm each day

Course fee: $300, limited enrollment

This course is perfect for any rig owner who wants to learn about:

  • main parachute set-up
  • advanced packing topics
  • RSLs, MARDS, and AADs
  • spotting equipment wear: what to look for
  • preventive maintenance and best use practices
  • FAA equipment and rigging regulations, rigger and owner maintenance
  • why’s and how’s of USPA equipment rules and recommendations: downsizing, camera, wingsuit
  • parachute construction and materials, strengths and weaknesses 
  • introduction to sewing machines: actually learn to sew!
  • how a reserve is packed–interactive demonstration
  • various other loft processes and procedures
  • what riggers do for you (and how to become one)

Participants who complete the course will receive a Rahlmo’s Rigging Advanced Equipment Specialist Certificate

Registrants may pay an additional $50 for after-hours instruction and official logging of their first reserve repack toward their FAA rigger ticket, and tuition of this course can be applied toward full rigger certification training. 

Upcoming Dates

  • February 4 - 5, 2022 | 8:45 am to 4:00 pm
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