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Skydiving Overweight is possible at Skydive Orange!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Skydiving Overweight

The question we hear most often is, “Is there a weight limit to skydive?” To answer bluntly, yes there is. However, there are many different factors that go into deciding whether someone is physically able to skydive, no matter their weight.

At Skydive Orange, larger customers are required to do a first time tandem jump, where the skydiving student is attached to a licensed instructor. For AFF (Accelerated Free Fall), the weight limit is 225 lbs, no exceptions.

For a tandem jump, we can typically accommodate up to 265 lbs. If an individual’s weight surpasses 220lbs, there are additional fees that cover the fuel surcharge, gear fees, and instructor compensation. The fees are an extra $35 per 10 lbs over 220 lbs, i.e. if you weigh between 221-230 lbs, it would be an extra $35 for a tandem jump, and if you weigh between 231-240 lbs, it would be an extra $70, so on and so forth up to 265 lbs, which is the maximum weight we can accept.

Weight Surcharge
220 – 230 $35
231 – 240 $70
241 – 250 $105
251 – 260 $140
261 – 265 $175

Overweight Tandem

If you are over 220 lbs, there are preemptive measures to ensure that you will be able to skydive at our facility.  You may obtain pre-approval by calling 703-759-3483 or emailing info@skydiveorange.com. Factors that determine jump eligibility include age, height, overall physical condition, body shape and combined exit weight, all of which will be reviewed before an approval can be made. Preliminary approvals can often be made over the phone but in ALL CASES a final approval cannot be made until the instructor has had an opportunity to see the student’s build, body shape, and overall physical condition in person (you MUST be able to lift your legs for less than 1 minute).

The bottom line, though, is the manufacturer’s stated limit for its harness. For most systems, the limit is 500 lbs total, including the instructor’s weight, your weight, and the gear, which weighs about 60 pounds. There’s an excellent video about skydiving overweight by Tom Noonan of United Parachute Technologies on behalf of Chicagoland Skydiving Center, who explains the subject, perfectly.

Overweight Skydive

All in all, we want the best for our customers, so don’t be put off if you really want to skydive but are nervous because you weigh a little more or don’t think we’ll allow you. Give us a call and find out how we can help get you in the air!

Resources For Skydiving Weight Restrictions


  1. I was wondering since I’m over that limit (300) and haven’t skydived before am I able to solo dive?

    1. Hi Kyle!

      You could with prior planning. You would need to be 270 lbs fully clothed and we’d need you to call about 2 weeks prior to make the reservation to make sure we have the staff to accommodate you.

  2. Whitney, if the gear for tandem is 500 pounds, why is AFF 225? I was just there this past weekend watching the GF have the time of her life but because I’m 6-4 and built like a linebacker, now I can’t do either?! Can’t you jump solo with a tandem pack? I mean if they can drop tanks from 10,000 feet…..to the guy that doesn’t understand, can you briefly explain the reduction of weight reasoning if the gear can handle 500? A simple cuz you’re the size of a horse is sufficient if thats all you want to say. Thanks again

    1. Yes, Brent… Horse-size people can’t skydive! But, in all seriousness, the weight limits for AFF and Tandem are different because the gear is different; and they are completely different systems.

      We follow recommended guidelines and the Basic Safety Requirements of the U.S. Parachute Association when training AFF. The weight limit is based on the ratio of suspended weight of the jumper (including gear) to the square footage of the canopy (which is called wing-loading). A recommended beginning wing-loading for a first jump student is between .8 and .95 and not to exceed 1:1. Newly A-licensed jumpers are typically close to the 1:1 ratio as they graduate the AFF program. Our largest student canopy is 300 sq. ft. (which is the largest student canopy manufactured). That means a student weighing 225 lbs. + 55 lbs. of equipment = 280 lbs. “out the door” / (divided by) the square footage of the canopy = 300 s.f. is a ratio of .93. (280/300 = .93)

      Why can’t you jump tandem gear as a solo student? Because the tandem system is a different system with different emergency procedures. To jump a tandem system, it is required by the USPA and the gear manufacturers that you have at least 3 years in the sport and a minimum of 500 skydives. The system is built for a drogue-release which requires different emergency protocol than our sport gear; and with six handles (as opposed to three) are more involved than the emergency procedures and gear systems that we use for our sport and student gear (emergency procedures = cutting away a malfunctioned main canopy and deploying a reserve canopy).

      Can a tandem system be modified for larger jumpers? Yes, it has been done. The tandem system converted for larger jumpers is expensive and cost-prohibitive for most DZs.

      I hope this explains the difference in gear and why linebackers can’t skydive. We appreciate your enthusiasm and are sorry that you weren’t able to jump with us during your visit. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  3. Can i bring my dog skydiving? I’m 215 pounds and but he’s 50 pounds so together that’s over the limit. Do I still have to pay the extra fees?

  4. Hey I weigh 500 pounds and Skydiving Yellow let me dive solo. So do you guys Weight-match, its kinda like price match.

  5. Hi my name is amber….i was wondering how much would it be because my husband is 268 and im 214…would we be able to sky dive. And how much for both of us to do so…

  6. I am an overweight man, I have been working on losing weight all my life. I have always wanted to go skydiving but have been put off by the weight limit. What I can’t understand is, why is there a weight limit, when I have seen videos of the army parachuting tanks out of plans. I thought it had to do with the size of the parachute, but maybe there’s more to it than that. Can you explain? thanks.

  7. You can also buy your own gear from the military. I’m 6’5″, 270 lbs. And I’m going to make it a life style change. So, it all depends on if you just want the one time or if you want to be about it.

  8. Hi…I want to do skydiving but I am bit overweight…my height is 172 cm and body weight is 86 kgs….will I be allowed to do it??

    1. According to the measurements you listed, you’re about 190 lbs and 5’7″? If that’s the case then yes you fall under the weight limit and as long as you’re in good physical/mental health then you should be able to skydive.

  9. Hey there, sadly to say this article makes me really sad. I’ve always longed To be able to skydive. I already have a pilots license but always wanted to skydive but with that being said I’m also 6 foot 4 1/2 and about 320 I could probably drop another 40 pounds but anything more than that would start becoming unhealthy for me because I am naturally build bigger. This just kind a crush my dreams little bit. Not your fault just makes me sad but I’ll never get to for fill one of my lifelong dreams be able to skydive. I hope you have a pilots license but I’ve always wanted to skydive but with that being said I’m also 6 foot 4 1/2 and about 320 I could probably drop another 40 pounds but anything more than that would start becoming unhealthy for me because I am naturally built bigger. This is just going to crush my dreams little bit. It’s Not your fault just makes me sad that I’ll never get to fulfill one of my wife long dreams to Join the skydiving community

  10. The manufacture of Skydive Orange’s Tandem Gear, United Parachute Technologies (UPT) test the gear and then set the applicable limits. The gear must be TSO’d in the US.
    UPT Sigma Parachutes are rated at maximum suspended weight 500lbs. The reality is suspended weight over 450 starts to hurt during the deployment cycle. At 500lbs it is very brisk and any variation in the pack job can make the opening extremely painful. Decelerating from 130mph to 14mph in .4 seconds gets harder for the body to process, as weight goes up so does terminal velocity and opening shock. For the Passenger AND THE INSTRUCTOR.

  11. If the government can drop food crates, medical supplies, Humvee’s or tanks from a plane, why can’t someone weighing 300+ sky dive?

  12. Y’alls detailed explanation is extremely helpful. I’d always wondered why no one would let me jump at 230.

  13. To anyone reading this who is overweight and wanting to or thinking about a tandem jump. It took me two years to drop the weight to make my first tandem jump, were talking over 100 lbs to shed. But now knowing what it was like I don’t regret a single mile I had to walk, a minute I spent on that dam treadmill, or the beer/pizzas I didn’t have.
    Do it!
    When folks ask me what it was like I tell them, “you won’t see god or talk to Jesus but your morning coffee will be just that much better. And you’ll be the bad ass that jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!”.
    See you on the road, still got lbs to keep off, and at the drop zone.

  14. I’m only 16, but hopefully I can someday do something like this, it’ll be sick! (but by myself no tandem, I weigh 210 lbs so that’s why I’m on this page.)

  15. So how do you account for a 200 lb stud jumping with a 100 lbs of equipment in the military, sometime HAHO or HALO?

  16. With all the questions and comments about overweight skydiving, I wonder, can anyone recommend a location where those who are heavier then the limits outlined here go and tandem jump? It seems there is a business opportunity for a sky dive location. Any ideas? I know I would be very interested in seeing locations that have equipment that would support large clients. Thank you!!

  17. Hi, I’ve been looking to skydive as a life bucket list item. But I am 6’6”, 260 pounds. I’ve been struggling to find any place that can accommodate.

    Am I just out of luck?


  18. Im a weight lifter weighing 330 pounds, do you or do you know of a place close to lagrange Indiana that I can skydive?? I need your help!

  19. How is this 225 lb weight limit was determined?

    I mean surly there should be physical tests to test what am i capable of doing ?! even tho i am just 8 kg more than 100kg but i am confident i am physically fit and capable to do whatever is done by a guy weights less than 100kg. or is the 100kg weight limit measured according to the stress limit on parachutes and skydiving kits??

  20. Hi I am 6”3 and 280 pounds, could I do a tandem jump? And what would the cost be for being over weight?

  21. In the early 80’s at the local jump school, rectangular shoots were already in use. However, for large people like me, the use of the military T-10 style shoot, which allowed larger people to jump solo, was also available. Why are those no longer in use when it is still a staple, even in the military jump program? I would purchase the equipment and pay for it to be packed.

    I meant chute in my initial post. 🙂

    1. Hey Robert! The T-10 parachute is outdated technology on the civilian side of things. The ram-air parachute far surpasses the T-10 with modern technology making it safer and more reliable. We also do not allow students to use their own gear for liability reasons. Give us a call if you would like to discuss further!

  22. Hello, im 265 standing weight, and me and a friend wanna skydive, she’s less then 100lbs, so am I able to skydive?

  23. I enjoy the “all my life I’ve wanted to skydive” and “I’ll never fulfill a lifelong dream” comments.
    I wanted to be an astronaut when I was 8. But not everybody gets to be/do whatever they want. None of us are entitled to anything. You can’t always get everything you want.

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