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Whether you’re traveling through or looking for a DZ to call home, Skydive Orange invites you to join our community of experienced skydivers!

Our vibrant, active fun jump community includes some of the nation’s most talented skydivers. We maintain an active Events Calendar which includes small formation skydiving, freefly group events, hybrid jumps, canopy formation, and team training. Every aspect of our operation is focused on safety and skill development. We are passionate about skydiving and committed to advancing the sport.

Modern Facilities and Amenities

As an experienced jumper, you know that not all DZs are created equal! At Skydive Orange, we take pride in providing our jumpers with clean, comfortable, and modern facilities and amenities. Our newly constructed hangar has everything a fun jumper could want: air conditioning, padded packing area, multi-stall bathrooms with showers, large televisions for post-jump review and debrief, spacious classrooms, fully stocked gear store, and on-site rigging services. In addition, our meticulously maintained Twin Otter seats 22 and gets you to altitude fast!

Year-Round Jumping

Weather permitting, we skydive Saturdays and Sundays year-round. During the summer, we are generally also open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and most federal holidays, offering late-morning, noon, and early-afternoon jump times. Experienced skydivers are not required to schedule jumps in advance; however, it is always a good idea to call ahead and confirm our schedule for the day.

Get Your Ratings at Skydive Orange

Do you aspire to be an AFF or Tandem Skydiving Instructor? Skydive Orange has the USPA-certified training programs for that too! We have onsite Coach, AFF Course Directors, and Evaluators, as well as Tandem Examiners for UPT Sigma. We schedule Coach and AFF courses throughout the year. For more information on upcoming training programs contact us at info@skydiveorange.com

Team Training

We believe in supporting teams at the cutting edge of all forms of competition. Our support for those who train hard comes in the form of financial incentives, amazing facilities, and a vibrant training atmosphere. We fly a Twin Otter, the plane used for USPA competition, Wednesday through Sunday. We have bunk rooms and showers for overnight stays and a beautiful new facility with everything your team needs to get the edge on the competition. Our financial incentives can’t be beat! If you’re a competing 4 way FS, VFS, CRW team or bigger, your videographer jumps for free! Contact larry@skydiveorange.com to inquire and apply.

    Licensed Jumper Prices
    Option Description Cash Credit
    High Altitude 17,500' $37 $38
    Full Altitude 13,500’ $27 $28
    Low Pass 5,500’ $22 $23
    Block of 50 Jumps 13,500' $1,300 $1,352
    Block of 100 Jumps 13,500' $2,500 $2,600
    Gear Rental Per Jump $35 $37

Reminder: Jumpers must be a minimum of 18 years of age under the 285 lb. weight limit (225 lb. for AFF). A surcharge of an additional $35 for every ten pounds over 220 applies.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Group of five or more? Please contact us directly for assistance with scheduling.
Tandem Skydiving Student Skydive Orange

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