Landing Areas & Safety Procedures

Please Review Before Jumping

Licensed skydivers, prior to jumping with us, please review the information on our landing area, flight patterns and general rules.


Gear rental is available on a first come, first serve basis at $50 per jump, pack job and lift ticket not included. Our AFF students will always have priority over the gear. We do not have altimeters for rent / only rigs.

AADs are required, along with a reserve card adhering to an 180 day recycle.

You will need a logbook, Burble and other electronic logbooks will be accepted.

You must be current, according to USPA’s recommendations. If you are not current you may make a reservation in advance by clicking HERE. Without a reservation, we cannot guarantee instructor availability.


All children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times!

Dogs, cats, goats and any other furry friends may not be left unattended at any time. Pets must be on a leash or carried and never on our packing floor!


You must be in the loading area by the 5 minute call, if not you’ll lose your slot but pay for the jump.

You may not manifest after the 10 minute call unless you are fully geared up.

If you chose to get on the plane during iffy weather and have to ride down, you will pay for your slot.

If you:

  • land off i.e. you land not in one of our two designated lading areas
  • or your parachute cross the painted line
  • hit the ditch

You will owe beer or a donation to our campground fund and will be grounded until your contribution has been made. If you do any of the above offenses twice in a day, you will be grounded for the day.

  • Movement jumps may only be led by an approved organizer
  • Wingsuiters must fill out a WS waiver and manifest (WS) in formation type on Burble
  • Don’t hang out on the packing floor and tip your packers!



Landing Pattern

  • Left hand patterns landing East. Right hand patterns landing West.
  • All downwind legs are flown to the North of the field.
  • No turns greater than 90 degrees to final in the main landing area.
  • The high performance landing area is strictly for high performance landings.
  • The high performance pattern mirrors that of the main landing area.






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