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AFF Skydiving Program

Earn Your Skydiving License

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Skydive Training Course

To train students in its Accelerated Freefall skydiving certification program, Skydive Orange uses the USPA’s safety-oriented Integrated Student Program (ISP) which was developed right here at Orange. The ISP teaches students the essential skills to skydive competently through a series of jumps in 8 categories (A-H) working toward the 25 jumps required to earn the initial “A” skydiving license.

How the AFF Course Works

You begin with the first jump course which includes 6-8 hours of thorough ground training and a written test. When you make your first jump, you will be with two instructors holding onto you as you exit the airplane. You will deploy your own parachute and fly it by yourself under radio guidance. After landing, your instructors will debrief you about your jump to set you on your path for the rest of the AFF skydiving certification program.

Freefall Objectives Overview

During the course of your training, your instructors will assist you in learning and successfully executing the 8 freefall objectives listed in the table below. Mastery of these essential skydiving competencies is required to complete the AFF course and earn your initial skydiving license.

A Acclimation to freefall, altitude awareness, stable body position, and deployment
B Refinement of freefall body position, leg extensions, heading awareness, and parachute deployment
C Stable freefall after instructor release, hover control, solo deployment
D Unassisted Exit, Controlled freefall turns (90°, 180°, and 360°)
E Unpoised Exit, Recovery from instability (Barrel roll, front flip, back flip)
F Introduction to Tracking, emergency exit rehearsals
G Forward and backward movement, docking with another skydiver, adjustment of fall rate
H Diving exit, swoop and dock with another skydiver, front riser control

Becoming a Licensed Skydiver

To advance past Accelerated Freefall status and earn an “A” License, you must complete 25 freefall jumps, and 19 minutes of freefall time. All student jumps are from 13,500’, except for two mandated “low solo” jumps.

Register for an Upcoming Accelerated Freefall Course

The AFF skydiving certification jump course must be scheduled in advance. To register, you can book online or contact the dropzone directly. Typically first jump courses are offered every Saturday. Please contact us to discuss available course dates. Once you’ve started the student program, you must make at least one jump every 30 days in order to maintain currency.

For more information, view our detailed AFF pricing packages below or give us a call!

Please note: You MUST be at least 18 years of age to jump and under 225 lbs  – no exceptions!

Register For A First Jump Course!

    Accelerated Freefall (AFF)
    Category Description Cash Credit
    USPA Membership Required before your first jump course $78 -
    A - 1 Jump 6 - 8 hour Jump Course - Skydive with 2 AFF instructors $450 $468
    B - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 2 AFF instructors $295 $307
    C1 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 2 AFF instructors. Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 1 AFF instructor. $295 $307
    C2 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 2 AFF instructors. Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 1 AFF instructor. $255 $266
    D1 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive with 1 AFF instructor $255 $266
    D2 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training / Skydive wth 1 AFF instructor. $255 $266
    Equipment Purchase of altimeter, goggles and gloves. Varies -
    E1 - 1 Jump Jump with 1 AFF instructor / clearance for self-supervision. $255 $266
    E2 - 1 Solo Jump First supervised solo skydive $125 per jump $130 per jump
    F - 4 Jumps Skydive with USPA Coach $160 per jump $165 per jump
    G - 4 Jumps Skydive with USPA Coach $160 per jump $165 per jump
    H - 4 Jumps Skydive with USPA Coach $160 per jump $165 per jump
    Checkdive A License certification dive $185 $192
    Additional Solos to reach 25 total Supervised Solo Jumps
    Number depends on if you fail jumps and have to repeat or if you have any previous recorded skydives.
    $125 per jump $130 per jump
    TOTAL JUMP PACKAGE COST The price for all 25 skydives.
    Price varies if jumps have to be repeated.
    $4790 $ 4982
    USPA Fee "A" License USPA Fee $36 -
    Packing Class Learn how to pack your parachute Varies -
Colm Walker Skydive Orange AFF Student

Colm Walker – Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

The best thing about Skydive Orange is the attitude and culture. The vibe is to welcome new jumpers to the sport and the world of skydiving. You are not treated like a revenue source. You are treated with care and attention.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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