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At Skydive Orange, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with a world-class skydiving experience at a competitive rate. Our state-of-the-art facilities, turbine aircraft, experienced instructors and affordable skydiving prices have helped make us the #1 choice for skydiving Virginia and Washington D.C for 40 years.

Reservations and Payment Options

Prices for all of our skydiving services are listed below. You can book your skydive online or give us a call at 1-703-SKY-DIVE (759-3483). We recommend reserving at least 48 hours in advance. Payment can be made by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover) or cash.

Weekday discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts. Weekday discounts may only be used on the day you scheduled for. For example if you book on a Wednesday with the Wednesday discount and get weathered out, you may only receive the discount if you reschedule for another Wednesday. Other restrictions may apply.

WE DO NOT DOUBLE DISCOUNTS; Only one discount per jumper, per day.

    Tandem Skydive

    Every Tandem Skydive includes the following: equipment rental, training, 15-20 minute airplane ride to 14,000’ (weather permitting), approximately 60 seconds of freefall time, certificate and sticker, and discount coupon for your next jump ($90 value).

    Weekday operations are offered in the spring, summer and fall with weekend jumping only in the winter months.

    Package Description Cash Credit
    Wednesday Discount $40 OFF regular price! $249 $259
    Thursday Discount $40 OFF regular price! $249 $259
    Friday Discount $20 OFF regular price! $269 $280
    Top of the Morning Tandem Skydive (Sat. & Sun.) Guaranteed wait time from start to finish of two hours or less!
    Valid for 8:00 a.m. slot ONLY
    $309 $322
    Tandem Skydive (Sat. & Sun.) Regular Price $289 $301
    Video & Photography Packages

    Relive the adventure with friends and family: add a video or photo package to your skydive!

    Option Description Price
    Video Only Video of your jump (professionally filmed, edited, and ready within a few hours after your jump) $125 cash / $130 credit
    Photos Only 80 to 120 professional quality photos to share or enlarge and frame. $125 cash / $130 credit
    Video and Photos Get video and photos for just $25 more! $150 cash / $156 credit
    Accelerated Freefall (AFF)
    Category Description Cash Credit
    USPA Membership Required before your first jump course $78 -
    A - 1 Jump 6 - 8 hour Jump Course - Skydive with 2 AFF instructors $450 $468
    B - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 2 AFF instructors $295 $307
    C1 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 2 AFF instructors. Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 1 AFF instructor. $295 $307
    C2 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 2 AFF instructors. Individual Ground Training; Skydive wth 1 AFF instructor. $255 $266
    D1 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training; Skydive with 1 AFF instructor $255 $266
    D2 - 1 Jump Individual Ground Training / Skydive wth 1 AFF instructor. $255 $266
    Equipment Purchase of altimeter, goggles and gloves. Varies -
    E1 - 1 Jump Jump with 1 AFF instructor / clearance for self-supervision. $255 $266
    E2 - 1 Solo Jump First supervised solo skydive $175 per jump $182 per jump
    F - 4 Jumps Skydive with USPA Coach $135 per jump $141 per jump
    G - 4 Jumps Skydive with USPA Coach $135 per jump $141 per jump
    H - 4 Jumps Skydive with USPA Coach $135 per jump $141 per jump
    Checkdive A License certification dive $175 $182
    Additional Solos to reach 25 total Supervised Solo Jumps
    Number depends on if you fail jumps and have to repeat or if you have any previous recorded skydives.
    $135 per jump $141 per jump
    TOTAL JUMP PACKAGE COST The price for all 25 skydives.
    Price varies if jumps have to be repeated.
    $4570 $ 4766
    USPA Fee "A" License USPA Fee $36 -
    Packing Class Learn how to pack your parachute Varies -
    Graduation Bonus Complete your "A" License progression and receive 5 FREE skydives, including parachute rental! ($370 VALUE) FREE FREE
    Prepayment Bonus Prepay your 25 jump A-License package and receive $100 OFF the package price AND 10 FREE skydives, including parachute rental! ($620 VALUE)
    Licensed Jumper Prices
    Option Description Cash Credit
    Full Altitude 13,500’ $31 $32
    Low Pass 5,500’ $28 $29
    Block of 50 Jumps 13,500' $1,500 $1,560
    Block of 100 Jumps 13,500' $2,900 $3,016
    Gear Rental Per Jump $40 $42
Chris Posillico Skydive Orange AFF Student

Chris Posillico

I always felt secure in my actions because I knew that I was well prepared by my instructors and coaches.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, please refrain from coming to our facility. If needed, contact us for assistance with rescheduling.
Tandem Skydiving Student Skydive Orange

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