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On-Site Rigging

Skydive Orange provides a full-time, full-service parachute rigging loft in the main hangar at the DZ. Below is a list of local, participating riggers. Please note that rigging services are provided by independent contractors and services are not warranted by Skydive Orange. This list is provided for informational purposes and should not be considered as our recommendation or warranty.


Rahlmo’s Rigging Loft
Orange, VA

  • Kevin Gibson: Master Rigger
  • Nira Gibson: Senior Rigger
  • Marty Martin: Master Rigger
Jon Stotts, Senior Rigger
Supervising Rigger
SDO Packing Floor Manager
Orange, Va
Peter R. Ricket, Master Rigger
Chest, Back & Seat
St Mary’s County, MD
Dan Kronz, Senior Rigger
Midlothian, VA
Master Brown 
Master Rigger 
Alexandria, VA & Stafford, Va
Zach Pivarnik, Senior Rigger
Orange, VA
Kellen James Lynn Skydive Orange AFF Student

Kellen James Lynn – Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA

The instructors in the AFF program are on par with any top-tier coaches in any sports discipline. They do very well at breaking down and teaching skill-sets and instilling the confidence needed to execute a dive successfully.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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