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The Deal With Naked Skydiving

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

As you have very likely heard, people do skydive naked. Many of them, in fact. In groups, mostly. Even our patron saint supermodel has done it (but it’s not as hawt as you’re hoping; sorry). There’s even a Best Naked Dropzone award (from Blue Skies Magazine). Go figure! If that all sounds like a highly sneer-inducing, grandma-swooning, turn-and-running phenomenon, you’re kinda right. In fact, we’re pretty sure that the sheer audacity of it is the reason that naked skydiving is even a ‘Thing” in the first place.

Naked skydiving isn’t something we made up recently because we’ve been on a diet and we think we’re looking pretty good. It’s something we inherited from our skydiving forebears, who started doing it when the very act of jumping out of a plane was so crazy that doing it nekkid was almost part-and-parcel. We imagine our grandmamas and grandpapas in the sport getting naked as a “so there” move–a brazen demonstration of the freedom they were on the forefront of expressing.

One thing is for sure: It wasn’t, and isn’t, like, a sexual thing. In fact, the human body looks a little…well…upsetting, under the jiggly, ripply pressures of freefall.

Lots of dropzones celebrate this, um, cheeky tradition. At Carolina Skydiving, for instance, your 100th jump is a naked jump, for which the entire load is expected to get naked along with you. Skydive Carolina (which is a totally different place) hosts naked pea pit runs and midnight skinny dipping in the dropzone swimmin’ hole. At Skydive Milwaukee, they even do winter naked jumps (to which we say nope ouch no thank you.) In Europe, they do it a lot more often, because–heck–European.

So why do people get naked in the sky and on a dropzone? It’s fun to talk about having done, of course, and it puts you in a very small brotherhood of other jumpers who bear the torch of skydiving’s wild-and-crazy days. It proves that you’ve been jumping for a while, too, because naked tandem skydiving is totally not a thing. (We’re asked about naked tandem skydiving more often than you’d think, and while we’re not opposed to it on, like, a philosophical basis, we don’t do it because it has the potential to offend other guests and injure the naked newbie.)

So, the moral of the story is: If you want to make a naked skydive, get that skydiving license! We’ll be happy to welcome you into the naked skydiving club when you do–no judgment, we promise.


Kurt Rosell Skydive Orange AFF Student

Kurt Rosell – Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA

Skydive Orange was a fantastic place to get comfortable and learn all the skills necessary to skydive.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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