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What Can I do With Each Skydiving License

Saturday, February 29, 2020

We’re guessing if you’ve landed here, you may have been wowed by some videos on social media, seen skydivers in person, or may have even been once yourself. And you may be asking, “How do they do it?” “How many years does it take to progress?” Or simply, “How do I get a skydiving license to start this journey.” Here we’ll help unveil those questions to help you on your solo skydiving journey!

How To Get a Skydiving License

The first step in getting a skydiving license is simple: sign up for the 6-8 hour ground school training called, The First Jump Course (FJC). This intensive training covers all the major areas of solo skydiving such as the overview of equipment, how to exit the airplane, learning hand signals, basic body position, how to fly the parachute and emergency procedures. 

At Skydive Orange we follow the national organization’s (USPA) suggested progression called the Accelerated Freefall Program. After you complete the FJC, you will make your first supervised solo jump with two certified instructors and begin your journey through the program. Each jump is designed with specific freefall and canopy objectives that help you progress through learning the skills of how to solo skydive. When each objective is successfully completed, you move up in the program until you’ve met all the minimum requirements of solo skydiving. Then, you will have successfully earned the first basic skydiving license through the United States Parachute Association called the A-License. 

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Here’s what you can do with each skydiving license:


Learning how to solo skydive is an exhilarating feeling. Especially when you’ve earned your first basic solo skydiving license as it’ll be the first time when you can skydive without an instructor by your side. So what can you do now that you’ve earned an A-License? This license says you can safely self-supervise your own skydive and jump with others.


Want more to what this sport has to offer? Continuing to learn offers a lot of great opportunities, Earn your B-license by completing the next canopy flight proficiency card, attend a water training course, and finish a few more criteria such as complete 50 jumps and pass a 25 question quiz. Achieving a  B-License offers the opportunities to do more amazing things such as jumping from novelty aircraft like a helicopter or hot air balloon, make a night jump, or attend an exotic boogie when sometimes the minimum requirement is a B-License.


The journey continues and opportunities evolve with experience and continuing your skydiving education. A C-License in skydiving means that you have completed 200 jumps and accumulated a minimum of 60 minutes of freefall, as well as have 25 accuracy landings, 50 group freefall jumps, and passed a 25 question quiz. 

What makes earning a C-License so special? A C-License is a glorious time because that means you can now jump a camera like a GoPro, and jump a wingsuit! Both require a little more additional training, but are two major milestones in a skydivers journey! 

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The D-License in skydiving is also considered the master license. It shows that you’re experienced in freefall and canopy control skills. The D-License was recently updated at the last USPA Board of Directors meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Fun Fact: before February 2020, it used to be to earn a D-License, one must have completed 2 night jumps. Now that is optional amongst a few other criteria to choose from to earn the master skydiving license, including a minimum of 500 jumps and passing a quiz.

The importance of earning a D-License is the gateway to becoming a skydiving instructor in the sport. 

Next Steps

Whether you are ready to take your First Jump Course, are transferring from another skydiving student program, or need to complete objectives for your next skydiving license, Skydive Orange has an experienced instructional team to help you on your way! 

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you on the journey of earning your skydiving licenses!

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Dave Harris – South Riding, VA

South Riding, VA

The instructors and coaches were incredibly competent, professional and fun to be around.

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