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Skydiving Exits: Can I do Backflips and Spins?

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How do you picture skydiving for the first time? Do you imagine cutting a backflip from the airplane or tucking into a series of acrobatic moves spinning, tumbling, and flipping through the sky with reckless abandon?

It might seem like the logical thing to do. This is skydiving after all. Why not take it all the way!?

Tandem skydiving exit from plane

Safety First

While we certainly appreciate a bit of creativity, if you’re a first-time tandem skydiver, the creative skydiving exits will have to wait. Skydiving is all about mitigating risk, and so, safety comes first and foremost. When it comes to tandem skydiving, certain exits are tried and true. 

The manufacturers of the tandem skydiving equipment that we use have certain rules in place regarding the type of skydiving exits an instructor using that gear can do. The two approved exits for the proper use of our tandem skydiving equipment are a diving exit and a poised exit.

On a diving skydiving exit, you exit the door of the aircraft with your right side high and turned slightly toward the back of the airplane. Because you exit the plane in an orientation with your head low, it feels a little like the sensation of diving into a pool or sliding tummy first down a slide.

For a poised skydiving exit, you face out of the door and are slightly turned toward the front of the aircraft as you leave the plane. If you keep your chin up while you do this exit, you will be able to see the aircraft flying above you. Talk about a cool visual!

For your first several skydives, whether as a tandem skydiver or a student skydiver, your primary skydiving exit objective is to achieve stability as quickly as possible. This allows you to focus more on what is going on around you and, in particular as a skydiving student, gives you ample time to practice your freefall maneuvers.

The Time To Huck It Will Come!

Part of the fun that comes as your skydiving story unfolds is the chance to really “dive in” to skydiving exits. (See what we did there?)

As you become more skilled, you’ll have the opportunity to discover that while it seems simple enough to get out of the plane, you can get quite creative and incredibly technical with different skydiving exits. 


Top 4 Fun Skydiving Exits


  • Raft Dive 

Tailgate aircraft are often “the belle of the ball” at many large skydiving events (in the biz we call them boogies). Rather than a side door, these aircraft have a rear door that opens much like the tailgate on a truck. Because of this configuration, tailgate aircraft are perfect for some really unique skydiving exits… like the infamous raft dive! For this exit, you literally have an inflatable raft or mega pool float (we’ve seen everything from inflatable bulls to a perfectly posh pegasus) that you ride off the back of the aircraft. Trust us, a raft dive gives fun a whole new meaning!


  • Horny Gorilla

To tell the truth, we don’t know where the name for this type of skydiving exit originated, but we do know it’s a real hoot to do! For a horny gorilla exit, everyone entwines/hooks their legs together. If you get it just right, you’ll be facing off with all your friends on a rowdy ride that feels like a spinning top. You get bonus points if you beat your chest like a gorilla while it’s happening!

  • Hanging From The Strut of A Helicopter

Achieving a Class B skydiving license affords an individual the chance to jump specialty aircraft such as helicopters and hot air balloons. While climbing onto the strut of a hovering helicopter requires a fair amount of physical dexterity and coordination, it’s honestly one of the most epic skydiving exits there is. Another notable highlight of a helicopter skydiving exit is that because the helicopter has no significant forward drive, when you let go of the strut you experience a sensation of complete weightlessness before your body picks up speed and reaches terminal velocity.


  • Wingsuit Rodeo

If you ever dreamed of being a skydiving cowboy, here’s your chance! On a wingsuit rodeo, a wingsuiter and a non-suited skydiver exit the aircraft with the non-suited skydiver behind the wingsuiter. The person then holds on like they would a rodeo bull for one wild, zippy ride! Please note, the wingsuiter in this dynamic should be a competent and skilled wingsuit pilot.

The options for interesting skydiving exits are as vast as the horizon! But remember, before moving on to complex air acrobatics, it’s important to have a handle on the basics. Whether you’re making a tandem skydive or well on your way with your student progression, at Skydive Orange, we will show you how it’s done! Ready? Set. Go! Let’s get you in the air today!

Tandem Student Landing at Skydive Orange

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