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Skydive Orange AFF Program Reviews

Our AFF skydiving certification program is recognized as one of the best on the East Coast. In fact, many of our skydiving students travel long distances to participate in our AFF program on the recommendation of their experienced skydiving friends. The professionalism of our instructors combined with the quality of our facilities and aircraft, make Skydive Orange the ideal dropzone for students beginning their skydiving journey.

If you’re looking for a well-structured, safety focused skydive training program, the Skydive Orange AFF course is for you. But don’t take our word for it, read what our program graduates have to say about their experience at Skydive Orange in the AFF program reviews below.


Eric Breeden Skydive Orange AFF Student

Eric Breeden – Keswick, VA

Skydive Orange is beautiful, Lovely views in every direction.  It’s amazing because it’s out in the middle of nothing but green. Everything is very professional and well run.  Steve always responds to email quickly.
Prepay, make a plan, keep studying, know what you want to focus on, keep current, write down your landing accuracy in your logbooks every jump.   You’ll need it later, watch the plane fall away and you’ll be arched. ~ 8/10/2016

Jack Harding Skydive Orange AFF Student

Jack Harding – Fredericksburg, VA

Skydive Orange made the AFF student program incredibly enjoyable. All of my instructors and coaches were extremely knowledgeable and were always happy to answer any questions. I can’t imagine learning how to skydive at any other drop zone. Skydiving can be pretty daunting when you’re just getting into the sport but skydiving orange helped me feel confident enough to make the jumps by understanding emergency situations and how to respond to them appropriately.
Basically my review boils down to: excellent staff, excellent training. excellent equipment, excellent environment, excellent experience. 8/6/2016

Chris Posillico Skydive Orange AFF Student

Chris Posillico

What I like the most about Skydive Orange: Everything. When you come to Skydive Orange, one thing you can bank on is that safety is always first! The experienced instructors and coaches teach emergency procedures (EP’s) every morning before jumps. They teach every malfunction and the appropriate corrective action. Prior to each jump three separate gear checks are performed to ensure the parachute is ready to go. The diverse staff couldn’t be any better, and I always felt secure in my actions because I knew that I was well prepared by my instructors and coaches. Matt Fistler, Hank, Gigi, Steve, Billy and Shane were the primary instructors during my A license training. Jon & Josh provided packing advice and continue to help perfect my packing technique. Every single one of them were outstanding, informative and great coaches and instructors. And of course, Steve Hetrick, if you adhere to Steve’s words of wisdom, you can’t go wrong.

Advice for other student skydivers: My advice to other students would be to keep up on quizzes. Knock them out as you progress. Also, begin packing as early on as possible. It’ll help down the road. Most importantly, have fun.

What I don’t like about Skydive Orange: Not Applicable

Thanks for everything! – 8/6/2016


Dave Harris Skydive Orange AFF Student

Dave Harris – South Riding, VA

I chose Skydive Orange after reading a ton of reviews. I had an option of attending several drop zones for my AFF course and couldn’t be happier with my choice. The instructors and coaches were incredibly competent, professional and fun to be around. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the hangar. Whether it was instructors, coaches or experienced jumpers….everyone was welcoming and helpful.The only advice I could possibly have for future students is just to be flexible and go with the flow. There are going to be days you get up early and drive to the drop zone just to sit around all day and hope the weather changes. This is just the way skydiving goes sometimes, don’t sweat it. Most of all…have fun!!! ~ 7/23/2016

Kelly Gray Skydive Orange AFF Student

Kelly Gray – Culpeper, VA

The best thing about Skydive Orange is the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

My advice for other students is: Relax! You will get this! Breathe.
I don’t really have any advice that I wish I’d been given. Everyone was really great making sure I was totally informed.
When I first started the student program a couple years ago, the dz was really transitioning and I felt about chaotic about the student program and basically everything in general. But now, things have changed a ton and it’s pretty easy to get info. The fb page and private group page are updated regularly so everyone knows what is going on.
Also, there were instructors that weren’t very positive. Ok, really just one who was pretty unencouraging to students and made us feel like we were burdens to everyone. A thoughtful and supportive instructor makes a HUGE difference in my confidence. I feel like Lauren does a superb job with EPs. She really explains EVERYTHING in detail. Jim is super relaxed so jumping with him made me relax so I performed better.
Steve has always done an outstanding job and has been beyond patient with me as far a accommodating everything.
Tammer was super upbeat and supportive to jump with as well.
Overall, I’m super pleased with the dz and I’m pleased to call Orange my home zone.

Also Whitney is basically the best.

The impact Liebler has had on Orange is everything. The atmosphere has completely turned around. Social media is better and the whole sz seems so much more legit. I personally feel a lot more welcome. – 7/23/2016

Shumbey Calvin – Fairfax, VA

Had an awesome time learning from great instructors.  really appreciated the amenities of the DZ, and facilities.  In addition to knowledgeable instructors and coaches Steve Hetrick runs a very efficient and well oiled operation.  I’d advise other students to read your SIM, and get your quizzes knocked out sooner rather than later.  Only advice i wish i had been given was to start at Orange earlier.  Had an awesome time learning how to be a skydiver, i’ll spend the rest of my time learning how to suck less. – 7/6/2016

Kurt Rosell Skydive Orange AFF Student

Kurt Rosell – Alexandria, VA

Skydive Orange was a fantastic place to get comfortable and learn all the skills necessary to skydive. They have the best training equipment on the ground and in the air. We started each day with valuable emergency procedure reviews with equipment that made things feel realistic. Every instructor specialized in calming your nerves before each jump and providing helpful advice after.

My advice I would give other student skydivers is to listen to everything the instructor tells you. Their experience shines through at each level and you can put your trust in them.

The one piece of advice I wish I had been given is to not over think things. The progression plan is designed the way it is for a reason. It feeds you a little bit more skills to focus on every step of the way.

There’s really not much improvement I can suggest for Skydive Orange. The thorns in the student landing zone kind of sucked, but as long as you don’t land in the dark patches, you’ll be alright.

My experience at Skydive Orange has been top notch; from the beginning of the day, to the classroom instruction time, to the rig packing class. I can see how this DZ takes their job seriously while having fun. The crowd of returning skydivers/fun jumpers is great and I can see why everyone always returns. – 7/06/2016

Colm Walker Skydive Orange AFF Student

Colm Walker – Baltimore, MD

What you like the most about Skydive Orange: I have been to a handful of drop zones. Facilities, equipment, and staff will vary. Each place will have its own culture and way they approach the sport. Skydive Orange is the best place I have seen to learn how to skydive. Their facilities are spacious, clean, and modern. Covered packing, plenty of riggers, roomy aircraft, excellent instructors, and segregated landing zones are some of the perks. The best thing about Skydive Orange is the attitude and culture. The vibe is to welcome new jumpers to the sport and the world of skydiving. You are not treated like a revenue source. You are treated with care and attention. Instruction is thorough tailored to the needs of the jumper. This is the best executed AFF program I have seen.
Advice for other jumpers: If you can, pay up front and in cash. It commits you to completing the program. It takes away one of the biggest hurdles to a timely finish. You get a bunch of freebies that are well worth it. You can take advantage of unexpected opportunities to jump without having to check your account balance.
Advice you wish you had been given: One size does not fit all. Find a drop zone and culture that is a good fit for you. Seek advice and coaching from other rated instructors and coaches. Something you are struggling with might just click when you hear it from a different coach. A big thank you to Henry for the assist on nailing my hop and pops and improving my exits.
What you don’t like about Skydive Orange:  The distance! I can’t fault the crew at Skydive Orange for this but, my drive can be brutal. I living in Baltimore and depending on how DC wants to behave it can take anywhere from 2.5 hours to 4 hours. The funny thing is I am not the only one driving a long distance. Ask around and you will find the instructors do too! With drop zones in Delaware, Western PA, and Virginia Beach, coaches and instructors drive farther to be apart of the Skydive Orange community. That is proof enough for me on the quality of the program and the commitment to excellence from Steve and the team. Thank you and Blue Skies! – 6/29/2016

Kellen James Lynn Skydive Orange AFF Student

Kellen James Lynn – Arlington, VA

It’s difficult to make a summation of my experience learning to skydive through the AFF program at Skydive Orange without words like “INCREDIBLE”, “FUN”, “WELCOMING” & “GRATIFYING”. The drop-zone itself is housed in a fantastic spacious hangar, designed to house all jumping equipment and able to accommodate parachute packing for student and fun jumpers. The parachute packers, who are full-time staff, are all super friendly and great at what they do – removing all doubt I had of accomplishing the looming task of canopy flying. The aircraft, a Super Otter, is everything you could ask for in regards to speed in getting to altitude and space at the door. Last but certainly not least, the student landing area is WIDE open and very friendly for new canopy pilots to learn how to fly and land a pattern.

In regards to my expectations coming into my first class, I honestly didn’t know if I’d have steel in my veins or butterflies in my stomach the first time I looked out the exit door of the Super Otter. Any uncertainties I might have had were evaporated because the AFF instructors made me feel confident to fly through thorough preparation on the ground and excellent brief’s before and after a skydive. I felt my knowledge base of belly-to-earth and canopy flying build after every jump and the program is excellently designed to re-use skills learned in past lessons and add to the skills in your toolbox. The instructors in the AFF program are on par with any top-tier coaches in any sports discipline. They do very well at breaking down and teaching skill-sets and instilling the confidence needed to execute a dive successfully. Also, there is always a plethora of licensed instructors/coaches and sport jumpers with LOADS of experience, which helps big time with rounding oneself with good habits learning to fly.

If I had to give any advice to future students it would be to socialize when you’re at the drop-zone. It’s easy to hang out in the student area and on the comfy couches, but to really make for a great experience, I would highly recommend pumping people for information about their background, experience with different disciplines in skydiving and just shooting the breeze! Everyone I met at Skydive Orange has a pretty cool story and are SUPER easy-going, making it a lot of fun building relationships.

The only thing I didn’t like was the weather in May! But I am thankful that the AFF staff do a fantastic job keeping an eye on weather conditions and communicating with students in regard to our ability to jump on a given day.

My only suggestion would be DON’T LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH! Skydive Orange has a great thing going on and I would highly recommend the AFF program to anyone interested in getting started in the sport. THANKS A MILLION! SEE YOU IN THE SKY! – 6/24/2016

birthday skydive

Stephanie Ann

The customer service was amazing and the people were outgoing and fun and made it a great time before, during and after the jump!

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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