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Brandon Payne - Arlington, VA

Brandon Payne - Arlington, VA


I was pretty nervous about going skydiving. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane isn't the most natural thing to do.    However, the dudes at skydive orange definitely know their stuff. My buddy Mike and I went last Saturday as a late birthday present for me. My instructor was Kevin Reynolds and my videographer was David Wybenga. Mike had Mario Ripa as his instructor and Larry Liebler as his videographer. These guys were great. They were calm, cool, and collected with the right amount of badass. They make you feel at ease by explaining the process and equipment to you in detail. Any questions you have they field, no problem. I highly recommend any of these guys when you go to Skydive Orange! You won't be disappointed.

Overall, I would suggest Skydive Orange over any of the other local Skydive joints based on the fact that these are the most experienced guys around and that Skydive Orange tandems go up to 13,500 feet. Unlike the other local skydive places nearby this gives you almost a minute of free-fall. This is a lot. This shows that they truly value giving you the whole experience rather than just taking you up to a lower altitude and churning out as many tandems as they can. Go here! #skydiveorange #merica #nuffsaid"    -Brandon Payne, Arlington, VA