Visions of Jill Hanna: Why should you Skydive?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014



Visions of Jill Hanna Written by Jill Pohl

Visions of Jill Hanna
Just free falling from 13,500 ft. At 130 mph.
Visions of Jill Hanna
My husband Kevin & me right before getting on the plane we jumped from! The couple that jumps together, stays together?


Please note: This list doesn’t just apply to skydiving. Take it literally or figuratively, but just know that you should always take a jump.

1. The anticipation you feel before taking that jump is like nothing you will ever feel in your life. Just thinking about it makes your heart beat fast, and you feel more alert than after drinking Venti double soy Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. You savor the peace and quiet of the plane ride taking you up 13,500 feet. You may not want to leave that plane, you love it so much in that moment. After all you’re having second thoughts, and realizing how comfortable it is on that plane, you may just want to stay there.

3. They won’t let you stay. Unless you really flip out. You have to jump, everyone around you will encourage you to jump. They’ll remind you that you just spent $350 to jump. So you’ll do it.

4. There’s no camaraderie like the bond you feel with that guy you’re attached to who is pulling your parachute, and actually knows what he’s doing. He’s your best friend for the next 20 minutes of your life.

5. Everyone else around you feels exactly the same way. There’s no camaraderie (other than the one I just mentioned), like the bond you have with strangers you are about to join in something scary, brand new, and a little bit crazy.

6. If you jump with someone you love, you realize right before you jump how much you love them and want them to be safe. And how fun it is to take risks together?

7. I have never experienced quiet quite like floating thousands of feet from the earth, the parachute overhead.

8. Free falling at 130 miles per hour sounds faster than it feels. You just have to try it.

9. You’ll think you’re going to hurl, and it’ll feel worse if you look straight down. But if you enjoy the view around you instead of looking at the ground, you feel a lot better. It’s like you can touch the clouds.

10. After that jump, you’ll feel like one tough cookie.

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