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Monday, June 11, 2018

Oh, the places you’d go at your therapist’s suggestion if risk and liability were off the table. No doubt, among the most popular prescriptions for empowerment would be skydiving.

If you’ve jumped before, you’re likely nodding in agreement; if you haven’t, and you’re looking for a sense of renewal, release or reclamation, skydiving may be just the thing to provide new a perspective.


The benefits of skydiving are multi-faceted, long-lasting and legit life-changing. As an internationally-respected sport, its physical rewards are a given. The spiritual and emotional benefits skydivers reap, though, are difficult to attain in any other way.

The effects of skydiving on the brain are real. The surge of chemicals that course throughout your body in anticipation of your jump, when you burst into freefall, once you’re floating under canopy, and after your feet touch the ground give you a high like no other:


Adrenaline heightens your awareness, rocket-boosts your energy and sharpens your cognition. You are strong and powerful, damn-well invincible; ready to take on the world.

Serotonin reinforces your significance, your importance, your worth. You are deserving. You are calm and at peace. Life is beautiful; so breathtakingly beautiful.

Dopamine is the brain’s dessert; your reward for self-care. You are motivated, exhilarated, enriched, empowered, inspired, excited. You’re so happy, your face hurts from smiling.

Rinse & Repeat

The effects of skydiving are long-lasting because, though the experience is relatively short (10 or so minutes), the powerful affirmation of I CAN can imprint the psyche. You have given yourself permission to literally take a leap of faith and, as a result, you can reclaim your power and restore a sense of balance.

Breaking free from a heavy heart or a broken home … releasing a diagnosis or the death of a loved one … forgiving a transgression or perhaps forgiving yourself … whatever is burdening you can be thrown to the wind.

warm environment

And doing it once, means you CAN do it again. Harness the lessons you learn during your skydiving experience and carry them forward into other areas of your life. Rinse and repeat.

Skydiving won’t solve your problems, but it will help you redefine them. Stand in your strength, value your worth, celebrate your bliss. And better yet,  there are no side effects to skydiving!

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Sarah Charles

I can't stop telling people they need to try it & come here. Staff is great. Will definitely come back to jump again!

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