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How To Use Those Holiday Gift Cards

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The holidays are technically over, but stuffed in your stocking, tucked in a card, or maybe hidden under the tree was a relatively unassuming gift that you could use year-round: the ever-popular holiday gift card. No, we’re not psychic, and no, we didn’t sneak a peek at Santa’s stash. We’re just statistically aware. You’d actually be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t receive a gift card over the holidays. Check these stats: according to the Blackhawk Network 2018 Spring Summit Research, out of 3030 respondents, a whopping 91% of consumers surveyed said they purchased a gift card, either for themselves or someone else.* If you’re in the 9%, at least now you know what to ask for next year!

It makes perfect sense. Aside from cold hard cash, the gift card is the best way to ensure the recipient can get exactly what they want. Now, it’s your turn to capitalize on it. After all, those gift givers knew with the right funds you’d pick something you really liked. Lean in close. We have the perfect idea for how to use those holiday gift cards.

Treat Yourself to an Adventure!

Putting the funds on those prepaid gift cards toward a tandem skydive is rockstar way to start the new year. Instead of adding to your closet clutter with another basic t-shirt you won’t ever actually wear, now is the perfect time to do something you’ve always dreamed of: fly! Ready to take the leap? There’s no need to wait until the summer, we skydive even in the winter! If a tandem skydive isn’t exactly your style, there’s no reason why you couldn’t put your plastic present toward the cost of a First Jump Course and skydive solo!

Maybe, you were ahead of the curve, and this idea is old news to you. Well, even if you have already scheduled a skydive, you can still put those gift cards to good use by purchasing some extra awesome add-ons.

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The Ultimate Add-On

When you first booked, you didn’t think you’d really need the photo and video package. At the time, you considered it an unnecessary extra expense. Perhaps you thought “how great could it really be?”  Then, you spent some time scouring the internet, stumbled across a few videos, or maybe even checked out a friends incredible, breathtaking profile picture, and now you know, the answer is getting photo and video of your skydive isn’t great, it is amazing. Thank goodness for that gift card you got!

Using your holiday gift cards toward video and photo services benefits you in two ways: it gives you a way to capture each magical moment of the adventure and makes it easy to share it with the people that helped make it possible. Can you picture (pun intended) how cool it would be to show someone just what their gift helped you do? Take it from us, hands down, photo and video is the ultimate skydiving add-on.

Tchotchkes too!

Double taking at that “T” word above? Wonder no more. Whereas other baubles may lose their appeal, a memento of your skydiving trip is destined to never lose its novelty. If you’re looking for another great way to put those holiday gift cards to use, take a look around our gear store to grab a keepsake before you head home.

Don’t let those gift cards go to waste! Put them towards something truly great at Skydive Orange.

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Katharine Biegert

Orange County, Virginia has some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen and from the air it was even better. I've already signed up for another jump!

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