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First Time Skydiving – 5 Things You Should Know

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Are you looking to expand your horizons with a skydive? Before you hop in the car and head to Skydive Orange, here are 5 things first-time skydivers should know. 

Prepare for a Half-day Affair

Skydiving isn’t like a carnival ride. We can’t strap you in and send you on your way. There is a bit of training and preparation that goes into each skydiving experience. Before your skydive, you will receive a thorough briefing in the form of a tandem training class. After this, patience is key as you wait for your turn to meet with your instructor and gear up. 

We advise that you plan to spend four to six hours on site. We will do our best to get you in the air as quickly as we can. But even when we are operating at maximum efficiency there are conditions beyond our control, like weather, that can cause delays. Rain, high winds, and low clouds are all conditions that can prevent skydiving operations. At Skydive Orange, safety is a paramount concern, and we will not risk the well-being of either you or our instructors in conditions we deem unfit for skydiving operations.

Aside from the obvious factors beyond our control like Mother Nature, why the potential wait? 

There’s quite a bit of juggling that goes into organizing coordinating planeloads and several factors to consider. There’s the fueling cycles, the parachutes that need to be packed into the skydiving containers after each jump, the gear that requires meticulous inspection, and the debrief for each set of students. Thoroughly completing these tasks takes time, and we guarantee having things done the right way is worth the wait. 

First Time Skydiving | Skydive Orange
photo by: D-SQUARED

Dress for Success

To maximize your experience, proper attire is necessary. Skydiving is an active experience, so dress accordingly. Many choose to wear athleisure wear, but jeans are perfectly fine. The idea is that you want to be comfortable: you don’t want clothing that is too tight or too loose. Make sure you wear sturdy, lace-up shoes like tennis shoes or sneakers. 

Keep in mind that we do operate year-round, and if you are joining us in the cooler months, you will want to dress in several layers. Thermal base-layers are a winter skydiver’s best friend! We will outfit you with a jumpsuit (upon request), goggles, and a soft leather helmet. 

Leave the Filming to the Professionals 

The photographer in your family is more than welcome to bring their camera to snapshots of you gearing up, boarding the aircraft, and landing from your skydive (as long as they keep an appropriate safe distance). But when it comes to capturing your experience falling from two miles above the earth around 120mph, leave it to the professionals. For safety reasons, tandem and student skydivers cannot jump with Go-Pros or other cameras. 

This isn’t just our rule. The United States Parachute Association recommends a jumper must have upwards of 200 skydives and a C License in order to operate a camera in freefall. This is because cameras can present some serious safety concerns. They can become snag hazards for the deploying parachute and are distracting at a time when your focus should be entirely on the skydive at hand. 

At Skydive Orange, we have an entire team of talented, professional videographers to capture your skydive from start to finish!

First Time Skydiving | Skydive Orange

The More the Merrier

A skydive is a great occasion to gather your friends and family. At Skydive Orange, spectators are welcome. We do request that families with younger children have a guardian present on the ground at all times to supervise. 

We are happy to accommodate groups as the schedule allows. We guarantee that groups of 2 can jump together during the week, and on weekends, in the height of the season, usually 4 tandems can go up on the aircraft at the same time. However, please note that each jumper exits separately in order to provide enough separation for safe parachute deployment. 

Puppy Policy

We love our furry friends here at Skydive Orange, and we are a dog-friendly dropzone. However, dogs must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed on the packing floor. Please be aware that other dogs may be present, and so, if Fido is dog aggressive, it is best to leave him/her at home. 


Now that you’re in the know, nothing is holding you back. Schedule your skydive at Skydive Orange today!

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