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What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

Monday, January 29, 2024

How does skydiving feel? Imagine stepping out of an airplane, hurtling towards Earth at a mind-bending speed, the wind roaring in your ears with the rush of adrenaline flowing through your veins. The skydiving experience challenges your senses in every way possible while pushing the limits of your comfort level. Let’s explore the unique sensations associated with skydiving and the life-changing impact it can have on your brain!

Does Skydiving Feel Like a Roller Coaster?

Comparisons between skydiving and roller coasters are inevitable; both involve rapid descents and an adrenaline rush. However, the experiences differ in many ways.

Freefall in skydiving feels more like being held up by the wind rather than the controlled chaos of a roller coaster. So, does your stomach drop when skydiving? No. While your stomach may drop when you’re on a roller coaster, you won’t get that feeling on a skydive. This is because on a roller coaster, you’re usually going from a very slow speed to a fast one in a split second, without giving your tummy a moment to adjust. 

Whereas on a skydive, the airplane is already moving at a decent forward speed so when you jump out, you’re falling more at a curve rather than straight down so your speed gradually increases. At Skydive Orange, our Twin Otter goes around 90 miles per hour, so when it’s time to jump you’re going from 90 to 120 mph gently – the sudden stomach drop feeling doesn’t happen!

The part of skydiving where you’re riding the parachute back down to the ground may be a different story. Your instructor can steer the canopy in a way that could give you the tummy tickles. So, if you enjoy that feeling feel free to tell your instructor to get after it! But, if you don’t like the stomach drop feeling, let your instructor know so they can make adjustments for a smooth canopy ride.

first time skydiver experiences feeling of skydiving freefall

Does It Feel Like Falling When Skydiving?

During a freefall, the sensation is more like weightlessness than falling uncontrollably which you might experience on a cliff dive. As gravity pulls you towards Earth, the wind rushes all around you, embracing you and keeping you held up, creating a feeling of suspension. 

This equilibrium, or terminal velocity, makes it so you can actually stabilize, control, and push your body in certain directions to fly in different positions by using the pressure of the wind. It feels more like flying than falling. This is why we can recreate the feeling of skydiving through specifically designed wind tunnels at indoor skydiving facilities

first time jumper experiences pre-jump nerves

What Does it Feel Like to Skydive?

The first-time skydiving experience is a mix of nerves and unparalleled excitement. 

Skydiving for the first time feels like a sensory overload, a blur of fear and exhilaration. You’re faced with the vastness of the sky as you approach the aircraft’s open door. The initial leap into the unknown is a huge release of tension. Once you stabilize, a unique serenity sets in. It’s very windy, and loud, and the view is inspiring. Your adrenaline is pumping and you feel more alive than ever before!

Once the parachute opens, everything slows down and suddenly you’re left in awe of what you’ve just experienced. You become one with the serene world all around you, like a big hug from the Earth. It’s an unforgettable feeling that stays with you long after you’ve touched the ground.


student experiences feeling of skydiving freefall

How it Feels to Skydive: Mentally

Skydiving is not just a physical feat; it’s a mental game, presenting an opportunity for real personal growth. As you stand on the edge of the airplane door, the bustling world below becomes just a patchwork of fields. A mix of emotions will flood your mind: excitement, fear, joy, anxiety, and anticipation. 

The mental jump one is required to make is as much a part of the skydiving experience as the physical jump. The moment you jump, there’s a sudden rush of adrenaline, a release of tension, and a beautiful feeling of absolute freedom. Your mind goes from racing uncontrollably to complete calmness and joy – for a brief moment, nothing else in the world matters. 

And once it’s over you’ll feel an overwhelming amount of mental clarity, confidence, accomplishment, and pure ecstasy. The surge of adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin will leave you feeling high on life! This feeling is why people skydive again and again.

Whether you are drawn to the adrenaline rush, the challenge of overcoming fear, or the desire to see the world from a new angle, skydiving offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Come enjoy the magic behind skydiving and experience what it feels like to skydive for yourself! Book your skydiving experience with Skydive Orange today. Blue skies!


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