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New Goals for a New Decade

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Raise your glass and make a toast to 2020. In less than a month, we will soon be on our way to explore what the new decade has to offer. The New Year symbolizes fresh starts and new chances. It can serve as a reflection on the year before and a celebration of the year ahead. But this New Year is different than the previous nine. This time we are celebrating seeing a decade come and go. 

Having been around and in continuous operation since 1977, at Skydive Orange, we’ve seen a few decades pass, but this does not make us any less excited to inspire you to set intentions and make new goals for this glorious new decade. 

Throughout the years, we have given special individuals an outlet to rise above. Our commitment to safety, providing professional, friendly, and experienced staff and unparalleled facilities have made this all possible. We aim to step into a new decade refreshed and empowered to continue to deliver the service our customers deserve. 

With this in mind, we want to help you set new goals for this new decade. Make 2020 yours.

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Set a Goal to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is easy to build barriers between ourselves and the things that make us uncomfortable. However, it is only within spaces of discomfort that true growth is possible. It makes sense to seek out consistency and reliability, but within this stasis is also apathy and atrophy. Don’t shrivel away. Push your edge. This is how you transform. 

We can think of no better way to step out of your comfort zone than to step from the door of a plane nearly 2 miles above the ground. Spread your wings. Who knows what heights you can reach?

Set a Goal to do Something You Can be Proud Of

Our days are set in a sort of rhythm, often something that moves like clockwork, and generally, in the order of work or school (or both), home, rinse, and repeat. What about doing something new?  Something you can use to jump-start your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. Something like a skydive. 

Face your fears, whoop, and holler in freefall. It’s okay to feel afraid. When you land, you’ll find you’ve impressed yourself. If you can make it through this, then, what, pray tell, can stop you?

New Goals for a New Decade | Skydive Orange

Set a Goal to Permit Yourself to be Great

We can be our own worst enemy because often, we are the ones that hold ourselves back. If you want to feel like you can take on the world, use this little cheat: a dynamite mood-boosting cocktail called endorphins. Your brain naturally produces endorphins after a workout or a bit of a scare, or as it turns out, after a skydive. 

The rush of endorphins after a skydive leaves you feeling euphoric and provides you with a shift in perspective. Say goodbye to those negative inner monologues. After a skydive, you’ll feel like a brand new you. 

The new decade is coming regardless. What about you? Are you ready to step into 2020 with a bang? You won’t have to go it alone: we are here to help you crush your goals this decade. Contact Skydive Orange and schedule your skydive today!

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Christine Minaj

Had the best experience here ever for my first skydiving adventure!

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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