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The Art Of Keeping Calm

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Staying calm, cool, and collected under pressure is often easier said than done. With deadlines to keep and expectations to meet, it seems feeling overwhelmed is now the status quo. But it doesn’t need to be. The majority of the stress an individual experiences day to day is entirely subjective and can be controlled by simple responses. We aim to equip you with skills that can help settle your nerves and help you keep your cool no matter what life throws at you. We call it: The Art of Keeping Calm.

Aside from helping you cope with your first skydive, The Art of Keeping Calm can have a monumental effect on your life day-to-day. Developing a more calm, grounded mindset doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, nor does it require a complete overhaul of your routines. Rather, The Art of Keeping Calm is centered on implementing a few habit changes that over time will help you to find a little bit of peace even in the most stressful of situations.

Practice Mindfulness

The mind is a powerful thing, which is why practicing mindfulness can have a profound effect on one’s ability to navigate emotional and mental strain. Mindfulness isn’t something we just made up. With ties to ancient eastern philosophy, mindfulness has been practically utilized and applied within clinical psychology and psychiatry as a therapeutic practice.

Simply put, mindfulness is the act of purposely and purposefully bringing one’s attention to what is happening right now. This can be as simple as focusing on the feeling of your clothing on your skin or the way your breath enters your nose and fills your lungs, bringing your sole attention to each inhale and exhale.

The Art Of Keeping Calm | Skydive Orange


An active mindfulness practice will help you to garner control over the mind in a non-aggressive and non-judgmental way. When you begin to feel your mind racing, as it is wont to do during periods of stress (say for example your first skydive), take a step back, and focus on just one thing, one sensation, for a few brief moments. This keep-calm strategy will help you to slow things down and achieve a much calmer state. 

Unplug (or at least plug into the right things)

Between a constant barrage of stimulation provided by the internet and unparalleled accessibility created by smartphones, we have very little time to ourselves—time to just “be.” Mobile, multi-purpose pocket-sized computers and social media expose us daily to an array of ceaseless comparisons and nearly endless opportunities to cultivate personalities perfect for posting.  We’re available nearly 24/7 and up for constant communication. So, where is the time to settle into yourself and process the day’s events? If you don’t unplug, you won’t have this crucial time for peace and mental clarity. Stop obsessing over “likes” and live a little: take a walk, put the phone away for an hour, if you can manage, set it aside for a day. You’ll be surprised just how refreshed and recharged you’ll feel after just a few moments away. 

Though being constantly connected can cause both mental and emotional damage, you can utilize the power to access nearly unlimited databases and applications to find a little something that is actually quite useful.  Phone applications like Calm and Headspace offer guided meditations to help users unwind, reduce stress, deal with skydiving anxiety, and you guessed it, calm down. 

Rest Up

You can’t run your car when the gas tank is empty, and the same goes for you! Your brain and body need time to recharge after each day. Sleep is vital to both mental and physical health. Metaphorically speaking, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you don’t have the “gas” to get up, go, and handle the day. Without proper rest, you will find yourself becoming easily irritated and overwhelmed.  While you may feel you don’t have the time to rest, by not getting enough sleep you are doing yourself a disservice and directly affecting your productivity negatively.


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If you have trouble winding down, try creating bedtime routines. Fix yourself a cup of warm decaffeinated tea, turn off the tv, maybe flip through a magazine or just sit quietly. The idea is to avoid jumping from a place of high stimulation directly to your bed. Give yourself space and permission to transition to a quiet, relaxed state. In no time at all, you’ll be counting sheep. 

Put It to the Test!

The Art of Keeping Calm isn’t a complete lifestyle overhaul. The Art of Keeping Calm is just a few well-placed habit changes to keep you grounded in the midst of a whirlwind of stress. With this newfound knack for calm, you can handle even the toughest, patience-trying situations like a champ. 

Now that you’ve got the skills, why not test them out on your tandem skydive at Skydive Orange? We promise with a calm demeanor, you’ll get even more out of your first skydive. Book today and let us show you our happy place!

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