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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Should Skydive

Monday, January 18, 2021

A nagging desire to explore the unknown may not be a good enough reason to shake up the status quo and take a leap of faith. You might need a nudge (or 5) in the right direction.

Perhaps, you’ve been secretly scanning search engines for more information on your newest pressing obsession, skydiving. Maybe, you can’t understand why anyone in their right mind would jump from a perfectly good airplane. Regardless of the motivation, you’re at least a little curious to know why to go skydiving. 

Committed to cultivating curiosity, especially when it comes to our favorite thing in the world, we’ve gathered up 5 compelling reasons everyone, and we mean everyone, should skydive.

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Skydiving Is The Ultimate Challenge

Our first reason why everyone should skydive is a simple one: you should skydive because it’s the ultimate challenge. Your first skydive will not challenge you physically, per se, but it will, without a doubt, challenge you mentally. 

Skydiving is a great equalizer. We’ve heard big burly bros let out unabashed screams and the meek make not a peep. In our time, we’ve seen more than one sweet, docile granny face down the edge of the plane door with a resolute countenance that would impress a five-star general while the young whippersnapper up next can barely keep their cool. 

Look, we won’t lie, it takes some serious guts to skydive. It also shows you just what you are capable of, even if you don’t realize it. Plus, think of the unquestionable bragging rights you get from facing your fears and taking flight? 

Skydiving Is How You Really Experience Flight

The world has countless wonders to explore. What’s the use of being given an opportunity if we squander it away? The number two reason everyone should skydive is that skydiving is an opportunity to fully experience an element of nature. You wouldn’t consider riding in a boat to be swimming, would you? Well, riding in an airplane isn’t actually flying. If you want to know what it is to fly, you have to get out of the vehicle. 

Skydiving Has One Incredible View

Often people are concerned that a fear of heights will keep them from enjoying skydiving. Luckily, the view on a skydive is captivating enough to keep pesky fears at bay.

Seeing the landscape below transformed into a patchwork quilt of textured greens and browns, stitched with winding roads in miniature from the window of a plane is one thing, being outside at eye-level with clouds is another matter entirely. 

Uninterrupted by buildings or trees, the view on your skydive seems to stretch on forever. As you descend, the visual will morph before your eyes. As you draw nearer to the earth, you’ll quickly be able to pick out the landmarks around you and the dropzone you departed from. You can even get photos and videos of your skydiving experience! How’s that for a view?

Skydiving Is A Dream Come True

Nearly every person on this planet has been visited by the dream of flight in their slumber. Whether they were super-powered flying through a skyscraper-rich metropolis, sprouted giant feathered wings to soar, or maybe even stumbled across a magic carpet, our dreams contain a collective latent desire to wrench free from gravity and dapple with unbridled freedom. With skydiving, that dream comes true.

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Skydiving Is Fun!

Last, but not least, a reason everyone should skydive is that it is fun. The fun of skydiving for some lies in its thrill factor, but you don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to enjoy a skydive. While a lot of emphasis is placed on the freefall portion of the skydive, which, undoubtedly is a rush, the majority of the time on your skydive is spent descending beneath a parachute. 

The canopy flight portion of the skydiving experience is almost entirely customizable. If you prefer a peaceful floating descent, you got it. If you’d rather crank some turns for a zippy spiraling ride or even have your instructor hand over the reigns for a bit, that can be arranged too. Skydiving is fun because you can craft an experience that suits you. 

There are as many reasons to try skydiving as there are unique personalities on this planet. Each person has a particular drive or desire that brings them to skydive. Contact us and let’s satisfy yours today!


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