What to Expect After Your Second Skydive

What to Expect After Your Second Skydive

Friday, March 26, 2021

Your second tandem skydive: when crossing that item off the bucket list turns into ”well, I’ll just do it one more time…”

Your first skydive is an experience unlike any other: it’s exhilarating, it’s thrilling, it’s surprisingly peaceful…that is…until you make your second tandem skydive!

You would imagine, since it’s skydiving, it should be the same each time, right? Not so much. Here’s what to expect after your second skydive. 

To Feel The Groove


Even if you read ahead before your first tandem skydive, the experience was probably marked with, at least, a little uncertainty and anticipation. For your first time, at each touchpoint, the process from arrival to gearing up was unfamiliar. You weren’t sure exactly where you needed to be, and you certainly didn’t want to miss your turn.  As time passed, natural anxiety began to arise as you wondered if you’d be ready when the time came. And once you were geared up and boarded the aircraft, the plane ride was far from any commercial flight you’d ever had!

Not knowing what to expect can set even the best of us on edge. Luckily, after going through the tandem experience, when you come for your second tandem skydive and, maybe, even your third, you’ll have a much better idea of how everything works.

The best part of making your second tandem skydive is that even a little additional familiarity with the skydiving process will have a profound effect on the psyche. As you get into the groove of the operations at the dropzone, you’ll notice those anxious “what’s going on?” jitters begin to dissipate away to be replaced by “I’m ready” affirmations.

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To Be More Aware


Awash in sensory overload, it is easy to miss quite a bit that happens during your first and second tandem skydive. 

Because there’s so much going on, your brain kind of “goes on the fritz” and can only focus on what is right in front of you. In the biz, we call this tunnel vision. For the majority of people, the tunnel vision they experience is just a limited little window of perception, like looking through a tunnel or the slats of blinds, and they miss the finer aspects of the entire picture. 

For example, most on their first tandem skydive don’t notice external details like the surrounding landscape or other canopies flying about. For some, the tunnel vision is so intense that, even though there’s video evidence, they don’t even recall high-fiving the outside videographer who joined them on the skydive! On your second tandem skydive, and with each subsequent jump, this field of vision begins to open up so that you can take more in. 

With each jump you make, your brain is better able to process what’s happening, and so, you get even more out of the experience! Finally unlocking this superhuman power of perception is one of the reasons that licensed skydivers keep coming back for more.

To Keep Wanting More


The second tandem skydive only serves to fan the flames! Here’s how the progression looks.

The first jump made you a skydiver. The second means you might be hooked. The third jump says you’ve got yourself a brand new hobby! If you thought your tandem skydives were addictive, wait until you start to learn to do it yourself.

If you’ve already completed your second or third tandem skydive, it might be time to start considering how to become a skydiver. At Skydive Orange, with our Accelerated Freefall program, you can turn your once-in-a-lifetime thrill into a weekend pastime!

Let’s keep the good times rolling, schedule your second tandem skydive today!

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Narissa Charles: Birthday skydive

They took great care of us and made sure that our experience was one we'd never forget.

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