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The Freedom Of Skydiving

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Skydiving can easily be mistaken as just another foolish fix for adrenaline junkies or the reckless pastime of daredevils, but for those who experience true body flight, the reality becomes startlingly clear: skydiving is freedom. The profound freedom of skydiving is what brings first-timers back for their second and third jumps and keeps the fire burning for those who’ve chosen a career within the industry. If you’ve never jumped it may be hard to fathom, but we want to give you a look behind the curtain. This is why skydivers say skydiving is freedom.

Skydiving is Freedom from the Mundane

Skydiving allows you to transcend terrestrial boundaries.

Quite literally, skydiving takes you miles above the earth, and with each foot you climb toward altitude, your troubles and the constraints of the modern world below grow ever more distant. Whether it be the nagging stress of deadlines, dicey family interactions around the holidays, or an ever compounding litany of complaints and criticisms from your disquieted internal monologue—whatever it is—nothing sticks in the rush of a 120 mph freefall. In those moments when you’re skydiving, it’s not that you’ve forgotten the troubles and they sit faintly tickling the back of your mind. No, it’s like those many mundane concerns no longer exist. Poof. *Vanished*

Admittedly, the freedom of skydiving is a unique contradiction. Skydiving provides respite from the monotony of day-to-day, and yet, encourages an appreciation for every moment, no matter how seemingly insignificant. It would appear that by putting oneself at the mercy of gravity and perhaps highlighting the undeniable truth of mortality, skydiving allows many to live more deliberate, fulfilled lives.

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Skydiving is the Freedom to Experiment

One of the greatest freedoms of skydiving is how it facilitates playfulness.

While experimentation may not be appreciated on terra firma, it’s encouraged in the sky. For skydivers, the wild blue yonder is a playground—a place where, if we’ve taken the time to hone our skills, we can create something new and exciting. From burgeoning new disciplines and large-scale creative formation skydives, jumpers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

It should be noted that we do not treat the skydiving experience with reckless abandon. As there are dangers involved, we take the safety of the sport of skydiving seriously. It is not with a haphazard or lackadaisical attitude that we approach skydiving. From the beginning, we have respect for the risks we are taking and train rigorously to tackle the unexpected. With these precautions taken and risks in mind, we can give ourselves free rein to play.

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Skydiving is the Freedom to Accept

Far too many are constrained by their attempts to fit within the limits of a persona—a version of themselves that lacks sincerity. They are hindered by their inability to be their authentic selves. Thankfully, skydiving helps break apart these insincere shells to reveal the pearl of a person within.

Skydiving provides the freedom of acceptance.

In fact, acceptance is one of the foremost tenets of the skydiving community. Without accepting who you are, you can never really be free. The skydiving community encourages individuals to accept their weird, wonderful selves and, in turn, accept others as they come. Across the world, despite color, creed, or economics, members of the skydiving community unite with just one thing in common: a love of the freedom that skydiving provides.

Will you feel the freedom of skydiving?

It might not be enough to take our word for it. Perhaps it is best you see for yourself why skydivers say skydiving is freedom. Schedule a jump with Skydive Orange today! Blue skies!

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Colm Walker – Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

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