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The Deal With Naked Skydiving

Monday, June 13, 2022

Skydiving is hands down the most fun you can have with your clothes on. But do some people actually buck up and try to enhance the experience by nude skydiving? Well, yes! As if our sport couldn’t get any more interesting, we threw this into it. What’s the appeal?

Why do people skydive naked?

Honestly, we’d say 90% of people skydive naked to either fulfill tradition, talk about it, or for the pure excitement and curiosity of it all. It’s sort of like a bucket list item, similar to doing a naked polar plunge – but not as cold. The other 10% are those crazies who really enjoy it!

Come on man, it’s tradition!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away someone’s great, great, great (??) grandparent decided to strip down and get busy jumping. And hence, the desire to follow in their footsteps was born. 

Eventually, the “hundie undie” started. This is where a skydiver doing their 100th jump (woo hoo!), dons only their underwear … or only their birthday suit if the dropzone allows. Another 100th jump tradition is pie-ing. Yeah, imagine being stark naked and then smashed in the face with like 10 pies. Amazing.

It makes the best conversation starter (or ender)  

Since the majority of people will never have the pleasure of experiencing a naked skydive, it is the best way to bring up something that people will be curious about. No more boring work events or conferences for you … you skydived naked!

To raise awareness

Many people who have jumped in the nude proudly proclaim doing it to raise awareness for certain causes, usually focusing on mental health struggles, such as body dysmorphia. 

Skydiving is an extremely freeing activity, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Jumpers continue to pursue the sport because of the renewed mindset after each jump. It truly rejuvenates you. If doing this liberating activity in the buff makes you feel good and brings awareness to a good cause, then let’s go!

Why not?

Imagine standing up in your buddy’s convertible, free-ballin’ it, and you’re also going 120mph. If that sounds like your ideal weekend activity, then naked skydiving is for you! Once skydivers get comfortable in the sky (never complacent!) they tend to long for a more exhilarating experience, and one way to do this is through an au naturel jump.

What the heck is SANS?

Oh, you mean the Society for The Advancement of Naked Skydiving? 

Basically, this club was founded by a guy who just, well, really loves leaving it all out there. If you skydive naked, even just once, you can register to become an official member of SANS. It’s just one of the many clubs we have within the skydiving community. Note: you can’t see wrinkles while freefalling, and naked skydiving has no age limit!

How exactly does it work?

Are you naked from loading the airplane to landing the canopy? Typically, no. 

Most naked skydivers elect to wear some sort of removable covering on their ride to altitude. Covering up keeps them warm in chilly months, and saves the other jumpers’ eyeballs! No one wants to be eye level with your hoo-ha when you’re exiting the door. Or can you imagine loading onto the airplane behind someone’s exposed booty? Not something you can unsee. Ever.

Can you do a naked tandem skydive?

Simply put, you’re like really in everyone’s bubble while skydiving, especially on a tandem. If this is your first time meeting your instructor, well … it could be a little awkward. Plus, sliding in for landing on your bare bottom may leave quite the unwanted impression. 

Long story short, no, we do not allow our tandem students to be in the nude.

naked skydiving world record holder Rian Kanouff

Are there any naked skydiving records?

Yes! There is a Guinness World Record for number of naked skydives in a day. In 2021, a Nebraska man by the name of Rian Kanouff successfully completed 60 skydiving jumps, all naked, consecutively, and within the same 24 hours. 

While many saw this feat as funny, his motivation for doing it was everything but. He did it during International Men’s Health Week and honored a jumper who had passed before their 100th jump. It was a very special event that will always be remembered within our community!

If completing a naked skydive is on your bucket list, book a tandem, get licensed, and LET’S SEND ITTTT! 


birthday skydive

Patty McInerney

AMAZING ... EPIC! Great experience with my son to celebrate the big 50!

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