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What to Write on Your Hands When Skydiving

Thursday, December 22, 2022

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you want to add just a couple more? Sure, the pictures and video of your skydive are going to be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. How could they not be? It’s you … jumping from an airplane. But why not add that extra little touch to make your pics really stand out? Putting skydiving quotes and skydiving hashtags on your Instagram post is cool and all, but knowing what to write on your hands when skydiving is what makes the difference. 

You probably haven’t even considered your hands as a potential canvas with everything else involved in making a skydive. In reality, writing something on your hands is an easy technique to get a little message across in a big way!

Some Tips

It’s important to make sure your message is clear and concise. Even the biggest of hands have limited real estate. Look at your palms and think about what words might fit there. Remember that this also has to be readable on video, so you don’t want to try to cram too much into that little space.

One or two words on each palm is generally a good rule of thumb (hehe, get it?). Try to think of two to four-word phrases that capture what you are trying to say. If you need to get something longer out, your forearms are also an option, but try not to get too complicated. You still want to be able to focus on and enjoy your skydive! 

Using thick, dark lettering will make your words easy to see in your pictures and video. Bold, block font is best and will make it so everyone will pick up what you’re putting down. When choosing your writing utensil, make sure it’s not going to smudge – especially when you start getting those nervous sweaty palms. 

In short: be bold, be simple, and be creative! 

tandem student writes on hands for skydiving video

Show Your Stoke! 

Skydiving is an extreme adrenaline rush. Writing something exciting or powerful on your hands can build on that momentum and drive the point home. Celebrate this amazing leap by writing something that expresses how you are going to feel in THE moment. Maybe you feel inspired. Maybe you feel fearless. Or maybe you feel just plain crazy!

No matter how that emotion manifests in you, here are some great ways to tell the world how you’re feeling:

  • Free Fallin’!
  • YOLO
  • Living My Best Life
  • I’m Flying! 
  • Go <sports team>!
  • Live Life
  • Yee Haw

Get Personal

Deciding to skydive is an extremely personal one. Trust us, we get it! Sometimes people skydive for extremely meaningful reasons. You might be celebrating a huge milestone in your life, or jumping in memory of someone you love. Whether you are doing it for yourself or someone else, there are plenty of ways to wear your heart on your hands:

  • Marry Me?
  • I graduated! 
  • I love <whoever you love>!
  • Wish you were here! 
  • Carpe Diem
  • Making Memories!

skydiving student with message on hands

Do it for the Gram

Hashtags connect us all and make it easy to find common interests. The hashtag is so powerful, it forever changed the name of an official symbol (1994 called and it wants its pound sign back). So why not use that little tool to tell all your followers what you want them to know? Writing a hashtag on your hands is not only eye-catching, it will turn your media into an influencer’s dream!

Instead of just loading your post description with hashtags, put the most important one right inside your pic, thousands of feet above the ground! Here are some ideas for the most common skydiving-related hashtags, but the sky’s the limit (literally), so have fun with it!

  • #skydiveorange
  • #skydiving
  • #iloveskydiving
  • #skydivinggram
  • #skydivingposts
  • #skydivingadventure
  • #skydivingpics
  • #yolo
  • #adventure
  • #skydivingrocks
  • #tandemskydiving
  • #fly
  • #freefall
  • #parachute

Other Things to Consider

Besides what your hands say, you’ll also want to think about how the rest of your shot will look. You don’t want people to miss your message because they are distracted by a bad shot. Some things to think about are your outfit, your hairdo, and maybe even your makeup.

If you’re going for a theme, you can match your look to what you are trying to say. Hair ties, bandanas, or headbands are a good thing to bring along if you’re worried about your hair getting in your face or tangled up in the wind. Dress to impress if you are looking to make a visual impact – just make sure your instructor is OK with your choices. “Looking Good” is further down the priority list than “Being Safe.”  

You will also have an opportunity to expand on your messaging once the parachute opens. Think about some things you might want to say about what you write on your hands. Things get a lot quieter under canopy. At that point, you will have a chance to talk about what you chose to write and give a little bit of a backstory. 

Don’t be afraid to use one of your own ideas if you are feeling inspired! Your skydive is all about YOU, so write what you want the world to see! 

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