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What are All the Costs Associated with Skydiving?

Monday, January 30, 2023

If you’ve ever thought about going skydiving, you’ve probably also thought about the price tag. So, how expensive is skydiving? Well, that depends on how you choose to do it! Here, we’ll break down the costs associated with skydiving for first-timers, students, and licensed jumpers!

Tandem Skydiving Costs

Tandem skydiving is one of the most popular ways for people to experience the world of skydiving. On a tandem jump, a licensed instructor is in charge of the entirety of the skydiving process, from gearing up to landing. Very little training for the student is required, which makes it a great option for people who would like to skydive just once. Tandem skydiving is also recommended as a first step for those who want to skydive more regularly.


How Much Does It Cost To Go Skydiving in Virginia? | Skydive Orange

Tandem skydive prices vary based on the facility at which you choose to jump, and can be based on your method of payment, the day of the week you want to fly, or even the size of your group. How much is it to skydive in Virginia? At Skydive Orange – Virginia’s premier dropzone – tandem skydiving rates are:

  • $289 cash / $301 credit
  • $30 discount for jumps made on Wednesday and Thursday
  • $15 discount for jumps made on Friday
  • $25 discount per person for groups of 10+

When choosing a skydiving center, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Skydive Orange is one of the most established skydiving dropzones in the country. Operating since 1977, we are proud to be a member dropzone of the USPA (United States Parachute Association) and we are staffed by passionate skydiving professionals and USPA-certified instructors. Our gear is meticulously maintained, and our twin turbine aircraft get you to altitude quickly! 

What’s Included In The Cost Of Your Tandem Skydive?

At Skydive Orange, the cost of your tandem skydive covers everything you need to make the jump including:

  • Highly-experienced, trained, professional skydiving instructor
  • Pre-jump briefing. During this training class, you will learn what to expect during your tandem and everything you need to know to ensure a fun, comfortable experience.
  • All equipment needed for your skydive – harness, parachute, protective goggles, jumpsuit 
  • Ride up to 13,500 feet in our skydiving aircraft
  • 60 seconds of (glorious, awe-inspiring, life-affirming) freefall
  • 5-6 minutes of peaceful parachute flight

You can choose to add an optional – and HIGHLY recommended – photo and video package so you can document your skydive! You only skydive for the first time once! Whether that first skydive is a one-and-done experience or it leads you to become a full-blown skydiver, it’s always worth getting the experience on camera! 

group in plane before skydive

How Much Does It Cost To Skydive Solo?

When one isn’t enough, chances are you’re the perfect candidate to give solo skydiving a go. The Accelerated Freefall skydiving program – AFF – is a multi-jump training course that provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a licensed skydiver. 

After you complete ground school, it’s straight on to a series of solo jumps! First, you’ll be accompanied by two AFF instructors flying alongside you, then one instructor, then you fly by yourself with support from a coach.

Typically, the AFF program is separated into categories that cost a different amount of money. The first jump is the most expensive, with subsequent jumps becoming cheaper as you progress. At Skydive Orange, ground school and your first jump is $450 cash, or $468 credit, and includes:

  • 6-8 hour ground school taught by a licensed instructor
  • A skydive with 2 USPA-licensed AFF instructors
  • Video debrief to go over your first skydive

To complete the entire student program and the 25 skydives you need to get your A-license, the cost is $4,780 for cash or $4,982 with a card. 

Licensed Jumper Costs 

Once you’re a licensed skydiver, the sky’s the limit! There are four license levels (A, B, C, D), and you gain access to new sky privileges with each level. And – good news – licensed jumper prices are considerably lower tandem or AFF jumps! 

At this point, you’ll need to get – or rent – your own gear. Licensed skydivers purchase lift tickets, and it’s essentially your boarding pass. You pay for the ride up … everything else is up to you!

How much is skydiving gear? That depends on what gear you choose! A used rig (including a container system, main parachute, and reserve parachute) could cost as little as $2,500, while a brand-new setup could cost about $10,000. You’ll also need a jumpsuit, helmet, altimeter, automatic activation device (AAD); each costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

That being said, you definitely don’t have to reach for the most expensive equipment right away. As licensed jumpers progress in the sport, they determine the things that are most important to them and choose which items to slowly upgrade over time. Although start-up costs may seem expensive, it is worth noting that once you buy gear, you are set for quite a while! 

Now that you know all the costs associated with skydiving, are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Book online today or contact us with any questions! Blue skies!

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