First Jump! Tandem Skydiving

During a tandem skydive, a student skydiver is attached to a certified USPA tandem instructor by a harness.  While attached to your instructor, together you will exit the plane, descend in freefall, and pilot a single canopy to the ground.  For most people who want a one-time skydiving experience, a tandem skydive is the method to choose.  Twenty minutes before your jump you will be introduced to your tandem instructor who will outfit you with all the necessary gear. You will also meet your videographer if applicable. Make a reservation today! Call:  (703) 759-3483!

Cash Price: $255(credit slightly higher)


Standard Tandem Skydive 

Tandem sky dive

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Tandem With Video OR Photos

Tandem Freefall

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Tandem with Video AND Photos

Tandem Landing

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*Tandem prices are based on passenger weights of 220 lbs or less.  If you weigh more, an additional fee will be charged. See our Prices Page

Your ground school and in-air instruction will be taught by an active tandem instructor rated by both USPA and the tandem parachute manufacturer, United Parachute Technologies.  On the 15-20 minute ride to altitude your tandem instructor will connect your harnesses together. You will exit the plane, experience up to a minute of freefall, and then you or your instructor will deploy the parachute.  Once your parachute is open you can help to fly it, or leave the flying to your instructor.  It is up to you!  You may not bring your own camcorders on the skydive.  Continue your skydiving education and get licensed to jump by yourself with our AFF Accelerated Free Fall Certification program. See the FAQs for more information.


Marsha. S - King George, VA

Marsha. S - King George, VA


I have been to Skydive Orange two times for tandem jumps.....WHAT A BLAST!!!  My first time was 1 year ago at which time I jumped with Ron and Lambert was my videographer.  My husband jumped with Ian and Mike was his videographer.  What an amazing experience.  These guys bring in just the right amount of humor to knock the edge off the jitters of doing such an "adrenaline junky" thing and provide solid education on how to properly cooperate in the experience so it can be all that you want it to be!  We thought about not doing the videos to save on money, but you MUST do a video at least the first time.  The whole experience is so exhilarating and unique that my brain simply could not recall the experience without the video.  WOW!!  What is important to me is that when I'm venturing out to do something I'm eager to do yet not so knowledgeable about......well, it's important to feel safe and secure.......these guys did just that because of their experience and respect for the sport!
I had such a fun time the first time that I took a girlfriend with me a month ago.  On this occasion, she jumped with Ron and had Dave as her videographer.  I jumped with Mike and opted to not do a video this time.  Again, it was an absolutely AMAZING experience!  These guys love what they do, they are passionate about it, and they love creating a positive and fun experience for those who are giving it a try!  If you're thinking about it.....well, stop thinking about it and just do it!  These guys are the best and it will be an amazing experience!
Marsha S.King George, VA. 6/20/2014