First Jump! Tandem Skydiving

During a tandem skydive, a student skydiver is attached to a certified USPA tandem instructor by a harness.  While attached to your instructor, together you will exit the plane, descend in freefall, and pilot a single canopy to the ground.  For most people who want a one-time skydiving experience, a tandem skydive is the method to choose.  Twenty minutes before your jump you will be introduced to your tandem instructor who will outfit you with all the necessary gear. You will also meet your videographer if applicable. Make a reservation today! Call:  (703) 759-3483!

Ready to take the dive? You’ve made the right choice.

Skydive Orange always—always—puts safety first. As a USPA drop zone, we adhere to the highest USPA safety and training standards. Our Vector Sigma parachute rigs, routinely serviced by FAA-certified riggers, are the best in the industry. Our highly experienced tandem instructors [links to “/about/staff” page], many of whom have been with Skydive Orange for many years, are all USPA rated, with a combined total of more than 50,000 jumps and over 80 years of skydiving experience.

You bring the attitude. We have the altitude.

Shop around. Read the fine print. Smaller planes at other jump zones can fly up to 10,000 feet, but, when busy, they may only take you to 5,000 or 6,000 feet. And you’re none the wiser because they don’t provide an altimeter for you to see. At Skydive Orange, we jump from 13,500 feet—and we provide you with an altimeter to prove it!

Cash Price: $255(credit slightly higher)

Standard Tandem Skydive 

Tandem sky dive

Tandem With Video OR Photos

Tandem Freefall

Tandem with Video AND Photos

Tandem Landing

Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates!

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Christian B. - Alexandria, VA

Christian B. - Alexandria, VA


The team at Skydive Orange were very professional in their approach and I was impressed by the emphasis on safety, the multiple checks done before the dive and the experience of the instructors. My tandem jump instructor  made us feel at ease about the jump 
The video though expensive was well worth it- EXCELLENT film services
Try to get an early slot and this will help with any potential wait times.  We had a 9 am slot and didn't have to wait at all.
An amazing experience and well worth it- am definitely going to do it again!
Christian B. Alexandria, VA. 6/12/2014