Live Water Training

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Live Water Training

Among the host of skydiving training opportunities we offer at Skydive Orange, we occasionally conduct live water training.  This augments all the theory that is taught in an AFF First Jump Course as to how to prepare and land in water.   This is actually a requirement to earn a B License in skydiving, the second of a four tiered licensing system overseen by the United States parachute Association.  This training is open for students and licensed jumpers.

During this training a thorough briefing is given by one of our instructors.  Following that, each student one at a time steps into deep water wearing an actual skydiving harness and then having the parachute thrown over them.  The goal then is to get out of the harness and swim to safety.  As always, two qualified individuals are in the water at all times to monitor each person, and assist if necessary.

water training

Scheduled dates and a one page detailed information sheet are always posted in the event calendar under “experienced” at well in advance for those who are interested. All participants must register with the point of contact to attend.

This is interactive training at its best.  Besides being an educational event, it is always a fun experience for our staff and the students. The next scheduled water training is January 31, 2015.


Saturday, January 31, 2015, 12:00 Noon
Ron Rosner Family YMCA
5700 Smith Station Rd,
Fredericksburg VA  22407
$50 cash, payable upon arrival.  Please e-mail Steve ( to register well in advance, and include your cell number.
This training is open to everyone, including students.  Please be on time.  We only have the pool for one hour.  If you are coming from NOVA, DC or Richmond, plan accordingly for the awful I-95 traffic and leave early.  No doubt some folks will be car pooling from Skydive Orange, a 50 minute drive.
The plan:  We will meet in the lobby for check-in, followed by a twenty minute mandatory briefing.  After that, we change and get wet.  Logbooks will be signed afterwards.
This is a YMCA, so please watch your language and at least pretend to be civilized while we are there.  We will leave the place cleaner than we found it.
Bring your bathing suit, a towel, your logbook, cash and be prepared to have a good time and learn a little something.
Directions from I-95:
Exit 126 onto Rt. 1/Rt. 17 south
1.1 M, right onto Spotsylvania County Pkwy
2.1 M, left onto Rt. 628, Smith Station Rd
1.1 M, YMCA is on the right
FFI and to register in advance (please include your cell phone number):
Steve Hetrick


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AMAZING ... EPIC! Great experience with my son to celebrate the big 50!

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