Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Do you catch yourself often gazing up to the sky, head in the clouds but, unfortunately, your feet are firmly planted on the ground Are you filled with fantasies of flight and do you long to see the world from a bird’s eye view?

Exploring the sky with a tandem skydive might be the best option for you!

What is tandem skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is one of the most popular means of introducing individuals to the joys of freefall, body flight, and parachuting. On a tandem skydive, a student (you) is attached to one of our qualified, professional instructors. Much like a tandem bicycle, a tandem skydiving harness has been outfitted to join two as one. Although your instructor is in control during the skydive, you still have an important role. Before your tandem skydive, you will be briefed on how to exit the aircraft and how to maintain a body position that will help ensure a safe, successful, fun, and comfortable experience for you and your instructor.

So why is starting out with a tandem skydive a good idea? There are quite a few reasons why:

You’re Exploring the Unknown

When you travel to an unfamiliar destination, it’s not uncommon to use a tour guide to get the most out of the experience. After all, the tour guide has probably studied up on the area, or perhaps they are a local, and as such, they typically know the ins and outs, so you get the most out of the experience, not to mention the most bang for your buck.

When exploring tandem skydiving Virginia, think of your tandem instructor as your tour guide. At Skydive Orange, each of our instructors are certified professionals, the sky is like their second home, and they are well suited to show you around.

Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

Trust the Pros

Not on the confident side?  It’s a good idea to let your first-time skydiving be a tandem skydive where you are attached to a licensed, trained professional. While you may not be able to trust how you will react to exiting an airplane from 13,500 feet, zipping past clouds, reaching a terminal velocity of 120 mph, or piloting a parachute safely to the ground, you can rest assured your instructor has ‘been there, done that’ and has the wherewithal to handle situations appropriately.

Cost, Convenience, and Ease

A tandem skydive is a great way to get a taste of flight without the rigor or responsibility of flying solo. Rather than a full day’s training, you only need a 30-minute briefing to get you ready to take flight on a tandem skydive. Instead of stressing over deploying parachutes and following procedures, on a tandem skydive, you can relax and take in the awe-inspiring views.

Additionally, the cost of a tandem skydive is considerably more affordable than many other options. If you intend on crossing off a bucket list item and being ‘one and done,’ a tandem skydive is the most cost-effective means of experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.

Take the Next Step?

Though, if you don’t want to be ‘one and done,’ you should know that your tandem skydive is a nice natural step in the jumping progression. After having made a tandem skydive, you can understand how to gauge the experience and can gain confidence by knowing you’ve taken flight and kept your cool. Maybe it’s time to then move forward to learning to skydive? If so, check out our awesome Accelerated Freefall Program to learn to skydive solo!

Not quite ready yet? That’s okay, you can make as many tandem skydives as you like. Here’s a pro tip: If you want to feel a little more involved, talk to your tandem instructor about being in charge of deploying the parachute and ask for an altimeter to mimic the experience of jumping solo.

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