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The Keystones of Skydiving Success

Monday, July 22, 2019

It’s as true in skydiving as it is anywhere else in life: the beginning is only the beginning. Right? Heck, there’s no question that earning your first basic license in skydiving is beyond rewarding. Getting that A-license stamp on your forehead means you’ve officially mastered the rudimentary basics of making a skydive, and — having met that enormous challenge — you’ve gotta feel like you’re up for anything. And, indeed, you are.

Your next challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to develop as a growing skydiver. And that, my friend, is the second challenge-of-a-lifetime you’re about to undertake. Ask any skydiver you come across, and she’ll tell you: Continuing education and mentorship in the sport are the unequivocal keystones to your skydiving success. Continuing education and mentorship will keep you on an even keel in the sport, keep you honest about your skills and whitespaces, keep you focused and keep you safer. 

Let’s talk about how you can tap on some of that magic to help you reach the next level in your skydiving career — which we’re absolutely equipped to help you with right here at Skydive Orange!

Go For Your B

The next license after you earn your A license is, as you have certainly at least guessed, the B. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines — because you can blow through that particular finish line with just fifty jumps. You’ll need to master a few additional skills, of course, which any of our Skydive Orange skydiving coaches can certainly help you do. 

Get Stronger Under Canopy

You’ll be introduced to the awesome power of a canopy course as you work towards your B license, but you should by no means stop there. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re on jump number 26 or jump number 2,600: Completing a canopy course is a wonderful idea. Reducing the likelihood that you’ll make mistakes when you’re landing your parachute is the best insurance you can get towards avoiding injury in this sport. And consider this, dear reader: Skydivers spend much more time under canopy than we do in the throes of freefall. It bears considerable extra investment.

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Join The Team

Or keep your gnarly freakout videos to yourself and, y’know, join a team. Going for the gold in skydiving is one of the sport’s most revered ways to hone your skills, make lifelong friendships and really spread your wings! If you’re still early on in your skydiving career, no worries: Signing up for a rookie team will put you on a strong path forward, and there will be plenty of mentoring to enjoy along the way.

Put Out a Hand for the Next Rookie

Here’s a crazy thing to mention: Did you know that you only need a B license and 200 jumps to become a skydiving coach? It’s absolutely true! You can support the next generation of skydivers in their own goals remarkably early in your own process — and pursuing the USPA coach rating progression will be amazing for you as a jumper, as well. Truer words were never spoken: Helping others along their path will help you along yours.

Whaddaya say, young padawan! Are you ready to barrel on ahead towards glory in your skydiving career? Of course you are! And Skydive Orange will be just the place to do it.

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