Final Prep for the Big ‘O’

Monday, August 12, 2019

It’s finally here!!!! The Biggest One Of the Year! The Big ‘O’! You all thought Cinco was good? You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!! The Big O Boogie begins on August 14th (Wednesday) and runs right through Sunday. Long range weather forecasts show a green light for lots and lots of jumping before the summer season winds down into fall.

This is your ultimate check-list and info in prep for the best boogie of the year (in our humble, albeit biased opinion). ?


Let’s jump as if jet fuel (the earth’s most precious resource, obviously) is nearly depleted and the skydiving world breaks out into complete chaos. It’s our mission to stop the evil forces focused on ending on our fun. WE WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN!!


With fun jumps by day and ample amounts of Orange-famous fun at night, the Big ‘O’ boogie marks the final big boogie of the summer season.

Your first time? Don’t be caught unaware, here’s what you need to know to prepare for the Big ‘O’ Boogie.


First off, the bare-knuckle details: this year’s Big ‘O’ boogie takes place August 14 – August 18th, with a registration cap of 350 jumpers. Registration slots sill remain. Registration can be done via Burble, here. The Big ‘O’ 1 day registration rate is $45 and the full event registration is $85.

And while registration is crucial, it is just the first step. In case you’re new to this whole boogie thing, here are a few more hot tips and tidbits to help you out.


At Skydive Orange, waivers are done in-house. To expedite the process, come prepared with credentials readily available and in date (and avoid the “uhoh I’m expired fiasco”). You will also need to bring your logbooks and rigs to check-in. There is a mandatory AAD Policy, and so, each rig will be checked to ensure it contains an Automatic Activation Device.


Just in case you forgot… #dontbethatjumper ?

Posted by Merit on Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Speaking of having your credentials readily available, how would you like to take full advantage of technology to ensure an efficient and swift check-in process?

Endorsed and used by the United States Parachute Association, your Merit profile is where your USPA ratings and credentials digitally reside.

Considering you already carry your cell everywhere you go, it makes sense to keep the phone friendly incarnation of your credentials handy.

Claim your Merit profile prior to the event to get quick access to your ratings and membership information all at your fingertips. Goodbye pesky paper card copies and holding up the line. Hello, more time for skydives.

Burble Me

Since we’re in the digital age, Skydive Orange will be running the Big ‘O’ boogie using the Burble Software manifesting platform. For your convenience, before the event, be sure to download the BurbleMe app to your preferred device.

Click Here to Download BurbleMe for iOS

Click Here to Download BurbleMe for Android

During the event, there’s no need to waste precious daylight in the queue at manifest. With BurbleMe’s self-manifesting feature and a couple of clicks, you can manifest a group lickety-split on any available load!

What you can look forward to at this year’s Big ‘O’!



Every year at Skydive Orange’s Big O Boogie, multiple people ask about doing larger and more challenging hybrids. However, it can be tough to sync multiple groups in the middle of a boogie once it’s in full flow. Maxine Tate and Matthew Fry have teamed up to organize a dedicated day of advanced hybrids. Creative 3-dimensional formations and sequentials that are sure to challenge everyone.


Maxine Tate and Merit have partnered up to bring a day full of canopy related fun and education to Skydive Orange during this year’s Big O Boogie on Thursday August 15th. Earn merits throughout the day with Maxine from coached hop and pops, a high-performance canopy flock, an accuracy comp with some cool prizes, and more…

Sign up & get stoked for the below activities:

⭐️9 am | HP Canopy Flock | sign up sheet at manifest!

⭐️Throughout the day | Designated H&P passes where Maxine will brief and debrief your jump on whatever skills you are working towards – see sign up sheets at manifest for times, and listen up for announcements.

⭐️7 pm | Accuracy comp with prizes for podium places – let’s see if you can stand it up in the peas for prizes. Style points awarded!
⚠️Limited slots to compete – sign up sheet at manifest!

⭐️ALL DAY | Maxine will be on the DZ to chat and answer any questions you might have about your flying you canopy, your canopy progression, whatever skill you might be working on, or anything you else you might want to talk about.

Friday – Project 19 Camp

Project 19 Camp w/ Melanie Curtis and & Melanie Firth

Introducing #Project19Day at Big O!

Melanie Firth and Melanie Curtis host Project 19

Friday Aug, 16th beginning at 8 am, Melanie Firth & Melanie Curtis will be leading a Project 19 camp, all you have to do is sign up with the Google Sheet below!

In order to participate in this camp, you MUST be able to do the following:
– Fly head down for the entire skydive from exiting the plane to break-off
– Break off safely from the group by turning 180 on level and tracking away

**If you cannot meet the minimum requirements or are unsafe during the skydive, you may be asked to stand down from the jumps for the safety of the group**

Click Here to Register

Evening Entertainment

With a theme like Mad Max Thunderdome, you’ve got to expect at least a few shenanigans, and our evening events are sure to keep you entertained.

Aircraft Line Up

At the Big ‘O’ you can count on plenty of air power to help you get your jump on. We will have a Twin Otter, Caravan and Skyvan (did someone say tailgate?)

Food Line Up

Food Trucks will be aplenty to take care of your monster sized hunger Wednesday thru Sunday. They will be:

Blackwater Beef

Beach Fries

Boriquen Lunch Box


What’s better than getting a chance to score some sweet raffle prizes?

Snag a ticket to possibly receive raffle prizes from LevityParaGearBlue Skies MagazineLarsen & Brusgaard and Aerodyne.

Kellen James Lynn Skydive Orange AFF Student

Kellen James Lynn – Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA

The instructors in the AFF program are on par with any top-tier coaches in any sports discipline. They do very well at breaking down and teaching skill-sets and instilling the confidence needed to execute a dive successfully.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Tandem Skydiving Student Skydive Orange

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