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Considering NOT Getting a Skydiving Video? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Nobody likes to carry around regrets. Right? Especially not about a bucket-list item like going tandem skydiving for the first time. So when we tell you that plenty of first-time jumpers walk away from that jump with a regret they’ll never be able to make right, you must understand the gravity (no pun intended, we promise).

Here it is, yo: jumpers who choose not to get video of their very first tandem skydive regret the decision every time. It seems like less of a big deal when you’re at the counter than it does when you land and suddenly realize the life-changing moment you just — well — totally neglected to get on the record. Here’s what you need to know about getting that tandem skydiving video…

camera flyer captures skydiving video

Little Extra Money, Enormous Extra Value

Some moments in life that happen once and only once. These are the “firsts.” You can name a few, for sure: your first smooch with a brand-new spouse; your baby’s very first steps; the throw of a graduation cap before the first afternoon you’re never going to school again… 

We’re willing to bet that you have photos of as many of these firsts as you’ve been able to snag on-the-go. If you don’t, you probably regret it. If you were given the option to arrange for footage beforehand, you’d definitely do it. Right?

Your first skydive is definitely a photo-requisite first. Even if you skydive hundreds and hundreds of times after that first one (heck, plenty of us in the sport have done just that) you’ll never make your first jump again. Isn’t that reason enough to make sure you have something to look at? We think so, too.

Our Photographers Make You Look Good

Check it out: Flying your body in freefall is challenging. Doing so with a camera and capturing super-stunning footage of someone else’s skydive from an outside perspective is even more so. 

The precision required for the job is just wild. Freefall photo/videographers demonstrate immense athletic and artistic skill. Not only does s/he have to match the freefall speed of a tandem pair rocketing down at 120 miles per hour, s/he has to manipulate multiple cameras, communicate via gesture with the tandem instructor, keep an eye on the light and the artistic framing — and make sure their happy smile never fades. Not an easy job, believe us! We’re so proud of our freefall photographers: each one, a master of the trade. 

Skydive Video | Skydive Orange

Don’t Let The Regret Monster Take You

You get it now, right? We aren’t trying to upsell you something you don’t need — far from it! We want to make sure that you have footage of your very first tandem skydive to gaze at in wonderment later — and to share with your breathless friends and family, all of whom are going to be just as stoked as you are to see your enormous grin hanging in the middle of the big, blue sky.

Are you ready for your close-up? We think you are! Book your jump today.

birthday skydive

Patty McInerney

AMAZING ... EPIC! Great experience with my son to celebrate the big 50!

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