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Tips on Dressing for Success for Your First Skydive

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Your skydive is on the horizon (both literally and figuratively), and like any special occasion,  before you arrive, you want to piece together the perfect outfit. If you’re not familiar with proper aviation-based activity attire, no worries! We’ve got you covered (get it!?) 

Ultimately, your skydiving apparel needs to be a healthy, balanced mix of fashion and functionality. If you’re not exactly sure what we mean, keep reading!

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Fashion vs. Functionality

We totally get it. If you’re getting your skydive on film, you want to look fly! So, when it comes to skydiving, fashion and functionality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Though, in truth, it is better to err toward functionality over fashion. Our simple advice is to treat a skydive like you would an active outdoor activity, say, like trail running. When dressing for your skydive, you should avoid restrictive, tight items and overly loose, baggy clothing. As you would for other athletic activities, pick clothing options that allow for a full range of movement. 

Additionally, as skydiving is an outdoor activity, you’ll want to keep the weather in mind. If it is a bit chilly, it’s best to opt toward several light layers. That way, if it warms up, you can adjust your wardrobe for the best fit! 

In warmer weather, the summer sunshine may tempt you to sport shorts and a tank top to soak up those precious rays. Shorts and tank tops can be acceptable wardrobe options, but shorts that are too short or too loose and tops that are low cut can be uncomfortable under the harness and can lead to revealing a bit more than you would like to during the 120 mph freefall. Also, we would like you to keep in mind, if you’d like to jump without a jumpsuit, you’ll want to pick clothing items with a bit of coverage and make sure they’re not your favorite in case you slide in for landing and get a bit of grass stains. 

Optional Jumpsuit

If the weather has been wet of late or if you’d just like to keep your clothing clean and dry, we are more than happy to provide you with a skydiving jumpsuit. 

(Not So) Fancy Footwear

Much like your clothing, your footwear choices should be something akin to what you’d wear trail running. In fact, sneakers are our number one skydiving go-to shoe! Please no hiking boots with hooks, heels, slippers, or sandals. 

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Skydiving Hair Styling and Beard Tips

Luscious locks take time to grow, and we get it, you want to show it off! However, you’ll need to keep those tresses tamed to keep your hair out of the way of the harness straps and other equipment. Loose long hair at 120 mph tends to end up a tangled mess. Keeping your hair tidy in braids or a secure low ponytail will help keep it out of your instructor’s eyes and save you one of the most excruciating, time-consuming experiences you and your comb have ever had. If you have dreadlocks, the principle is the same, fasten them back securely, if you can, to keep them from whipping about, saving your instructor’s face a bit of a beating in freefall.

For those with bodacious beards, it’s best to gather those whiskers up into a hair elastic to keep it out of the way of the harness straps and other equipment. Much like your long haired compatriots, you’ll be thankful you won’t have to deal with a beard blasted by a 120 mph freefall!


We can’t wait to see your sporty ensemble! Head to Skydive Orange today!

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