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How Much Does It Cost To Go Skydiving in Virginia?

Thursday, February 16, 2023

How much does skydiving cost? And why does it seem to be soooo much? How come skydiving pricing fluctuates so much when a skydive is pretty much the same no matter where you go?

Woah, woah, woah, pump the breaks! Let us stop you right there. Tandem skydiving prices vary so widely because tandem skydiving quality can vary. An enjoyable tandem skydive is dependent upon a multitude of factors, from exemplary safety standards and excellent customer service, to the type of aircraft and quality views experienced during the jump — it all counts into that end dollar! Even though the basic elements are the same, your skydiving experience can be materially different depending on where (and how) you go. It’s kind of like buying a car: even though four wheels and an engine are the functional heart of the matter, a 1970 Beetle and 2023 Corvette are very different beasts. 

Let’s break down the cost and jump into the prominent differences that can occur between dropzones for tandem skydiving and why here at Skydive Orange, we’ve got it all! 

Skydiving Virginia Cost

The maximum cost for a tandem jump alone is $322 and the minimum is $259. Our competitive skydiving prices packages vary based on the day of the week and the time of the jump. For example, a weekday jump will cost less than a weekend jump – this is pretty much the same across all dropzones. We also offer professional photo and video packages, which are essential for a first jump! If you don’t get it on video no one will believe you did it, and you won’t have any way to relive it! LET’S GOOO!

How Much Does It Cost To Go Skydiving in Virginia? | Skydive Orange

Skydivers are honest. Like brutally honest, so let’s jump into exactly what you’re paying for – we want you to feel comfortable and confident committing to something.  

A1 Equipment Quality

We are a proud United States Parachute Association (USPA) member dropzone, and with our membership comes the mandate to follow the recommendations and regulations of the USPA. A requirement we gladly abide by is keeping our gear in tip-top shape. Not only do we purchase the best gear on the market, but we are dedicated to checking, double-checking, and triple checking it regularly. From our super-fashionable student helmets and goggles, to our tandem harnesses and parachutes, we’re diligent about class-A upkeep. 

Skydive Orange Hangar

First-Class Staff

From the second you walk in our doors to when you land back on Mother Earth, you’re guaranteed to feel like family. We know how scary it can be walking into a place you’ve never been with a bunch of people who already know each other (ughhhh) … let alone when you’re going there to do something that’s pretty intimidating! We are dedicated to ensuring a safety-oriented and welcoming atmosphere, and we want you to leave us with plans to come back – feeling empowered and ready to do it again! 

Every one of our staff members is committed to professionalism, from our front-line manifest rockstars, parachute packers, ground crew, and safety and training advisors, to our pilots, coaches, videographers, and instructors. We are passionate about skydiving and want to share every step of what goes into making a jump with you! Would you rather have a videographer in training or someone who’s been perfecting their craft for hundreds if not thousands of skydives? At Skydive Orange you’ll get the latter. 

first time skydiving students before jump

Our Facilities are World Class 

When you arrive at a dropzone you want to feel 3 things: safe, comfortable, and welcome. Our facilities are designed to accommodate experienced jumpers, tandem students, and spectators. With a huge hangar and packing area, indoor seating, clean restrooms, shaded outdoor seating (perfect for watching your pals fall from the sky!), and fully stocked vending machines, we’ve got you covered. 

Wait … what if I get super super hungry and start craving some grub? What a great question! Good thing our location is also top-notch! When considering where to skydive, it may be worth a little extra coin to guarantee you’re in a prime location. We’re four miles from the center of Orange where there’s a multitude of yummy restaurants and other things to do. 

What type of airplane? How high? It all counts!

Here at Skydive Orange, we boast one of the fastest and most comfortable jump planes in the sport – a 22-seat Twin Otter! No squeezing and squishing and getting a little too personal in this bad boy. We get to the altitude of 13,500 FEET in a jiffy, so those pre-jump jitters hardly even have time to hit you! 

Minor differences in the price of skydiving can make a big impact on the service level you receive on that jump. Think of it this way, would you pay a couple extra bucks for a really good tattoo or settle for a mediocre one that’s just a smidgen cheaper in the long run? Obviously the first one! Skydiving, like a sick tat, is an experience that will be with you (dare we say, tattooed on your heart) forever! Awwww!  It’s worth it to invest and make it a good memory. 

What do you say? Can we show you how priceless a really great skydive really is? Come on, do it! We can’t wait to have you. 

Ben Vickers

Radford, VA

The first time you skydive is a tremendous event in your life. And I am so lucky to have found Skydive Orange.

The largest tandem skydiving center near Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

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