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Why You Should Do Things That Scare You

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Why should you do what scares you? Because busting out of your comfort zone is super rewarding

You know that feeling of really wanting to get in the water but it’s just a liiittttle too cold? You get up to your waist and think, “Nope, I can’t do it”, because it’s uncomfortable? But then you count to three … dunk your head under … and come up feeling refreshed and even accomplished. 

That’s kind of what skydiving feels like. It’s that excited and nervous AHHH!!!!! immediately followed by that relaxed and rejuvenated ahhhh

We’re All for Rationality … But It Doesn’t Always Work That Way  

Let’s address fear and how it works in our brains. (Keep in mind that we’re not psychologists, but this is the gist of it.) Fear is only able to be unlearned from exposure to something, usually repeatedly, and cannot be unlearned through rationality.

Let’s say you have skydiving anxiety because you’re afraid of heights. You rationally KNOW and understand that chances are very much in your favor that everything will work out 100%, but you still feel scared. Fear is conquered by meeting the moment and doing the dag-on thing; not by rationalizing with it. As humans, we have to actually do the things that scare us to move past them and grow.  

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Growth Doesn’t Happen In Your Comfort Zone

“Face your fears” is something we hear all of our lives through anxieties both monumental and minuscule. What if we flip the script a little and say, “Even if it scares you, DO IT”?! We’re not here to invalidate your skydiving fear or your feelings, but really … what are you scared of

Are you worried about getting sick or passing out while skydiving? That’s super duper rare, and if you prepare properly for the jump, nearly altogether avoidable. 

Are you scared of having so much fun that you’ll want to become a licensed skydiver? That’s not freaky, that’s fantastic! That’s the fear of proving to yourself that you are capable of stretching your limits and achieving the unimaginable.

Let’s be real. Isn’t it fair to say that almost every time you’ve faced your fears there’s been some sort of benefit to your life? Maybe not the one you expected or even desired, but down the line and looking back, did you see growth? Did you have that, what was I even worried about!? moment? 

Chances are the ‘you’ back then was much different than the ‘you’ now because you took the gamble and won.   

It Makes You Healthier! 

Conquering fear actually makes you healthier in the short and the long run. When we overcome fear, we feel triumphant and experience a palpable decrease in our stress level. 

With skydiving, a lot of novice jumpers experience “door fear,” meaning that when the door opens, they freeze. They want to stay well away from the Giant Door of Doom. Once a skydiver jumps 5, 10, or even 100 times – whatever their magic number – they will become more relaxed and natural in the door. It becomes part of the jump to look forward to … to look at your friends before taking the leap, smile, and focus on the dive flow that’s about to take place in freefall. 

In the beginning, the baby jumper resorts to their instincts to “survive the door,” but they learn to feel safe, confident, and even comfortable. They learn through repetition that they have nothing to be scared of and that they can trust themselves. Beating back door fear may seem like an isolated accomplishment, but it totally translates into other aspects of life. 

Happiness Is #1 (Right After Safety!) 

If you knew for a FACT that doing something would 100% make you happier than you are now, would you do it? Even if it was super scary? 

We think that happiness comes from overcoming fears for many reasons, one of the biggest being it proves that you’re true to yourself. And if you’re not true to yourself, then what are you doing? Being vulnerable enough to say you’re scared, and then courageous enough to conquer that fear … wow! You are a force! Harness that empowerment and do it all! 

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No More ‘What If’s’

If we really do only have one life, let’s live it to the fullest! Stop wondering ‘what if’ – that simple, common, happiness-stealing phrase. They say that if you worry you’re guaranteed to suffer once, so let’s embrace the ‘YOLO’ mentality and start intentionally living it up every day. 

The anxiety of the dreadful ‘what if’ is similar to fear, in that it cannot be rationalized. Instead of playing into our anxieties and fears, acknowledge them with a big ol’ “NOPE” and say “YES” to your opportunity to seize the day! 

When you’re ready to throw your fears out the door (of our airplane!!) book your tandem skydive! We can’t wait to help you become the very best version of yourself! 

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